Question of the Day

Here’s a question for all you Beauty Mavens out there:

Where do you buy your products from?

After being in the cosmetic industry for over 20yrs, I’ve been noticing a trend. Gone are the days of launching a new product and having to be wait-listed because the item has immediately sold out.  I work at a “Prestige” department store and we pretty much have to offer the customer the world in order to close a sale these days.  Is it because people are shopping on-line now? Or have drug stores started to carry high end products?  Sales are far and few at department stores which brings me to wonder. 

Where are you buying your Cosmetic and Fragrances?



3 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. I have a new question of the day fro you, Vettie. The weather outside is frightening. It is beyond sweltering. Can you recommend makeup that won’t melt on my face for these hot, summer months?


  2. The difficulties are possibly due to the fact the the same cosmetic brands being sold in one department store is readily available for the same price in other stores (department stores, specialty stores, web stores, etc.).

    I don’t have a particular store I shop for makeup and skin care. I tend to gravitate to stores where I know from first-hand experience that the sales person behind the counter is not just a sales person but someone who really knows his/her stuff about the brand they are selling and makeup in general. For example, when shopping at the nearby mall in Long Island, I’ll go to bloomingdales for Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. and Estee Lauder; Sephora for brands I’m fully aware of and don’t need any advice on; Nordstrom for Dior, M.A.C., and Laura Mercier.

    Also, with current economic situation, I think more women are trying to save their pennies by perusing the makeup aisle at drugstores. During these financially hard times, an $8.99 khol eyeliner from L’Oreal is more of an attractive purchase than a khol eyeliner by Lancome at $23.

  3. Really great info Mi Chic, thanks for letting us know where you shop.

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