Dashing Diva

A Dashing Diva nail salon recently opened up here in Pasadena and I was very excited to try it out. I was not dissapointed. When I walked through the doors I was impressed by the decor and the overall fun, girly atmosphere. Everything’s pink. It’s cute. My friend K and I were greeted by a friendly front desk person and were instructed to pick out our colors. This was no simple task – Dashing Diva has the most extensive, comprehensive assortment of nail polishes I’ve ever seen. Once we settled on our colors, we were led over to the pedicure area, which is a long, comfy pink couch complete with throw pillows. Both of our manicurists were friendly and accomadating. I was definitely pleased with the end results. 

A couple of interesting things to note about Dashing Diva:

  • They are amazingly clean – no whirlpools are used, everything is autoclaved (like at the dentist) and they open a complete new pack of emory boards & files for each person.
  • They boast having the first truly viable alternative to acrylic nails. Virtual Nails are clear, full-color nails that look and feel like your natural nails.
  • Head to Dashing Diva on a Thursday or Friday for their Girls’ Night Out evenings and receive free drinks with your services.
  • The Pink Pedicure Lounge is great for hosting Bachelorette Parties or Birthday Parties. 
  • Located in Pasadena, North Carolina and several New York locations.
  • Manicures – range from Basic to Spoiled Diva. You can even get a special aromatic manicure called the Divaroma
  • Pedicures – range from Basic to All-Out-Diva. The All-Out-Diva is like a 60min facial for your feet, very indulgent.
  • Men’s Services – Racer’s, Winner’s and Player’s Manicures are for the man who likes a little extra TLC
  • For the Kiddies – Little Diva Mani & Pedi are for the 8 and under crowd
  • Virtual Nails, Silk Wraps, Acrylics
  • Paraffin Treatment
  • Waxing Services – using their special Azulene wax, derived from the chamomile plant with anti-inflammatory properties.

I really enjoyed my experience at Dashing Diva and I would definitely go back. If you’re looking for a great place for a girls night out or just an excellent nail spa experience, Dashing Divas is your place. 

Dashing Diva – Pasadena

27 N. Raymond Ave

Pasadena, CA 91103






One response to “Dashing Diva

  1. Yayyy, I got a shot out! This place was definitely cool….I want to go back for them free drinks 🙂

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