Rock the House

                                      New York Fashion Week Rock and Republic

Luxe denim label, Rock & Republic, is infusing some of its edgy cool into the cosmetics world, with a new range of makeup that launches this September.

The company’s chief executive officer and creative director Michael Ball, along with president Andréa Bernholtz, told Women’s Wear Daily that it’s about time the brand got a makeup line of its own.

           “I didn’t want to do a private label,” Bernholtz told WWD “I wanted to use my own.

            We have been using other lines, and we were like, ‘Screw it! We’ll do it ourselves.'”

The 116 item makeup line has been painstakingly developed in-house, over a three-year period, and is designed to complement the brand’s hard-rock stylings. Products feature a slick, silver and black, patent leather packaging motif. And for those super Divas out there, the Accentuating Bronzer/Highlighter duo compact boasts an astonishing 445 Swarovski crystals arranged in the shape of the Rock & Republic logo. 

The line includes everything from a caffeine-infused tinted primer to an oil control illuminator. There’s also a great selection of high pigment eyeshadows – sure to look great with any pair of slim fitting Rock & Republic jeans.

There are future plans to do limited edition collections, which will include makeup used at the Rock & Republic catwalk shows. The first Limited Edition line is called Noir, and was inspired by the brand’s fall collection. Look out for shades of purple, black and red, as well as show-stopping false eyelashes.

I love it when Beauty and Fashion collide….



2 responses to “Rock the House

  1. wow, i’d actually look forward to wearing that line of makeup!! sounds super super hot



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