A Great Investment

Great makeup brushes don’t have to cost a lot,  but they should defintiely last long and make you look great. You can find professional cosmetic brushes online for half the price you would pay for brushes found in a beauty supply store. Everyone should invest in a set of cosmetic brushes: the right brush helps you do do a professional job–no finger smudging or messing around with shedding Q tips and ratty cotton balls. Makeup brushes help take your look to the next level. They also help you save on makeup since you end up using less of the actual product.
Treisha Hagensieker suggests the following:

Foundation Brush

Designed for just the right amount of Foundation every time. Great way to create skin that is even and opaque.    

HOW TO USE: Blend liquid and creme foundations evenly over face-brushing down and out. Dampen brush for a sheer look!


Powder Brush

Works with your loose, pressed or bronzing power. Designed to achieve the softest finished look without looking powdery cakey. Some pros prefer to patting on powder with Velour puff or sponge, then using a Powder Brush to sweep away excess. This technique is great for a natural looking makeup. 


Blush Brush

For a smooth even application of blush with no hard edges and a natural look.

HOW TO USE: Tap brush to remove excess color. Lightly blend on apple of cheeks, hairline and chin.


Contour Blush Brush

Designed to apply blush with a soft edge and mistake proof application.

HOW TO USE: Tap off excess color and sweep onto “apple” of cheeks blending outward and downward.


Eyebrow Brush

Designed to blend eyebrow pencil or place brow color. Stiff badger hairs soften harsh lines. Using eyebrow brush will give you a beautiful shape easily.

HOW TO USE: Use a matte brow shadow with a shade that matches the color of your brows. Stipple color thru the the sparse areas of the brow, extent brow at ends.


Eye Shadow Brush

Designed to apply just the right amount of color to the eyelid, Use to bend color together with a medium toned eye shadows.

HOW TO USE: You can use this brush to highlight just under brow bone OR sweep over lower lid from lash line to crease.


Eye Crease Blender Brush

A must have for all makeup applications! Fits perfectly in the crease of the eye. Use with medium toned eye shadows OR use CLEAN to blend and soften all colors together.

HOW TO USE: Blend from inner to outer corner for a sheer wash of color. Use a light sweeping motion increase of eye to soften all edges.


Contour Brush

This large flat contour brush softens all edges of contour so it looks natural. this shape allows you to blend easily with no harsh lines, great to shade along hairline. ALSO GOOD FOR BLUSH APPLICATION.


Eye Smudge Brush

A Black round tipped sponge brush that is perfectly shaped to create the soft, sexy”smokey eye” look.

HOW TO USE: Pick up dark eye shadow and drag across lash line, concentrate on outer corners of the eye.


Eye Shader Brush

This sable brush is used to apply your shadow base color, which evens out skin tone and helps the next color blend more easily.

HOW TO USE: Pick up a light toned eye shadow with brush and tap off excess. Brush color over entire lid area. Its easy and quick with this size brush.


Eyeliner-Detailer Brush

These sable brush hairs are tightly packed to allow for a precise and even line.

HOW TO USE: Use with dark toned eye shadow and line lids close to lash line, from inner to outer eye corner. Perfect to detail dark colors on top lash line.


Flat Eyeliner Brush

A wide, flat brush for bold or soft eye lining. It can be used wet or dry.

HOW TO USE: Hold brush vertically under bottom lash line a PULL eye shadow color straight down for a smudgy look OR wet brush and dot along lash line. Get as close as possible to lash line.


Concealer/Corrector Brush

This synthetic brush works with creme concealers to reach around the small areas of your eye. Allows you to deposit just the right amount of concealer so it never looks heavy or cakey.

HOW TO USE: Dab tip of Brush into concealer and use around hard to reach small areas of the eye.. Inner corners & around the nose.







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