Sunset Foot Spa – Take 1

My mother always told me to trust my gut. And I totally should have listened to my gut today when I called to book my appointment for the Sunset Foot Spa. Daily Candy had given the Chinese reflexology spa the stamp of approval so naturally I thought it would be a pain-free experience. I called to make an appointment for my friend, K and I and it was almost impossible to get a straight answer as to when my appointment would be. I actually had to call back several times just to confirm my appointment. Once we got there, it was a little short of chaos. The spa is much too small and there was no waiting area. We were asked to sit outside on Sunset Blvd in some lawn chairs. The owner told me that a party of 5 had showed up unexpectedly and took our appointment time. After waiting for 45 mins and seeing that more and more people were joining us in the “waiting room” I went to ask how much longer it would be before we were seated. I was repeatedly shooed outside and the door was shut in my face. Finally I spoke to the owner to let her know to cross our names off of the list–K and I were both tired of waiting and getting increasingly hungry at that point. She gave us 2 coupons for $5 dollars off of our next visit. 

While I believe in listening to my gut, I also believe in second chances. I honestly think that the Daily Candy write-up may have been too much for the small spa that only seats 8-10 at a time. Maybe once the hype dies down, I’ll give the Sunset Foot Spa another chance. Maybe. 

BTW – the day wasn’t a total bust, K and I went to a great Mexican food restaurant and ate some yummy enchiladas!



9 responses to “Sunset Foot Spa – Take 1

  1. That’s cool that you are thinking about giving them a second chance. I’m not sure I would, but sometimes giving someone a second chance is the right thing – makes you realize we are all human.

  2. Yeah, I think I will give them another shot. It just might be the best reflexology massage I ever get!


  3. man, sounds like a shoddy operation.

  4. Daily Candy gets paid for reviews they are not always a reliable source. You need to take their reccomendations with a grain of salt

  5. What was your imperssion of the other aspects of the spa.? Was it decorated in a nice way? Was the staff professional. evern if overwhelmed? There are a number of factors to consider, whether you want to give them another try.

  6. It’s good to know Daily Candy gets paid for their reviews. And even though this place was a little shady, I still think they must give great massages considering the number of people waiting to get in! I’m all for second chances!

  7. I’ve always thought that Daily Candy didn’t get paid for the reviews. They always have that “no pay for play” slogan at the bottom of the reviews. What I have been noticing is that there is never any first hand knowledge of the places they review so I’m not sure if they always send someone to check it out. Not entirely sure how the Daily Candy staffers work over there.

    I think I will give them another shot because from what I can see the spa did look nice and clean. It definitely looked like they knew their way around a foot massage! I’ll go back soon so all of our questions can be answered! Thanks for all the input.


  8. i say give them another chance as well. getting press is challenging and they were fortunate enough to get- we can’t blame them for not knowing what to expect from it. plus i have noticed certain types of spas want to please everyone and they do not want to turn away any business. its almost like that mother who wants to cook for you when go you to her house even though she has no food or wasnt even prepared to cook.

    report back because i read about them last week and my company did a post in our blog last week on Ion Foot Cleanses which we asked for their comments but now we know they are tied up.

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