Question of the Day: Deodorant vs. Anti-perspirant sticks

I sweat a lot! What are good deodorants to help curb the sweating but still smell feminine & sweet?

Many people believe that deodorant and antiperspirant are the same but in fact they are not.  The two serve very different purposes.  Deodorant masks perspiration odor while antiperspirant actually stops the body from producing sweat by clogging the  sweat ducts  using powerful astringents.

If you are more concerned with odor than sweating then deodorant is for you.  The ingredients in deodorant neutralize odor by interacting with perspiration  and releasing antiseptic agents to control the bacterial level of sweat that causes odor

Some people have a big problem with sweating , your best bet would be an antiperspirant.  Heavy sweating can be very embarrassing, especially when wearing certain fabrics.  Antiperspirants completely blocks the sweat ducts using aluminum compounds which stops the glands from draining.  But be warned, prolong usage of antiperspirants can cause damage to the glands and is even said to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

Donna Karen Cashmere Mist Deodorant/Antiperspirant: one of the best for odor and perspiration

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist  1.7 oz. Deodorant

Degree Clinical Strength and Secret Clinical Strength are 2 good  antiperspirants for heavy perspiration


Secret Roll-on Deodorant smells heavenly



6 responses to “Question of the Day: Deodorant vs. Anti-perspirant sticks

  1. thank you. I’ve tried Secret Little black dress or clinical strength in the past and it did nothing. I will try the two others..

  2. May be a lesser known option, but I’ve been using the Crystal Stick Deoderant. It’s made of all natural mineral salts. It doesn’t contain aluminum chlorohydrate, perfume, chemicals or dyes. No residue either. It goes on wet but dries quickly. Works best right after showering. No residue and it lasts for-evah! I’ve had mine over a year already. You can find it at places like Walgreens and Rite Aid. Only drawback is that it isn’t an antiperspirant.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation Caroline! I’ll have to check that one out.

  4. A friend of mine use the crysyal stick and said it diodn’t work for herr, but we’ll check it out further.

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