Color Me Happy

This cute little boutique near my house, Runway Boutique, has these “happy hours” on Fridays. This last Friday was called Makeup & Martini’s and a makeup artist was in-house giving out free makeup tips and makeovers. Makeup and martinis and cute dresses & accessories, sounds like my kind of place!

Lakytra “Lucky” Napoleon was the makeup artist and she was fantastic. She was using Nixie Cosmetics, which I had never heard of before. They’re a fairly new cosmetic company developed by someone in the skincare industry so it’s supposed to be very gentle on your skin. Now, I have super sensitive skin so I’m all about gentle or natural cosmetics. Everything was extremely light–it didn’t feel like I had a stitch of makeup on. The eyeshadows were incredible–ridiculously vibrant and in basically every color you could dream of.  She used a great bronze that really lit up my face and the perfect color for my cheeks. The vitamin lipgloss went on silky smooth & creamy. It wasn’t sticky at all (you know how I feel about goopy lipgloss) and it lasted a really long time. Even once the color had worn off, my lips still felt moisturized. The brushes she used were also really great. You can only buy Nixie from their website: but I’d recommend checking them out. It seems like a great cosmetics brand. 


I took some pictures but it’s so hard to really see the color & the detail.

Face – Press Powder Tantone 3

Bronze – Grand Aruba Lux

Eye – Mint Green & Bronze

Cheeks – Majesty & Security

Lip – Vitamin Lipgloss in 5pm Traffic

If you like what you see, check out Lucky’s myspace page:






















Have a great weekend!



2 responses to “Color Me Happy

  1. you look gorgeous!! I loooove the make up especially the blush 🙂
    your locks are so pretty…

  2. you look hot!

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