Brow Obsession

Ziba Beauty

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a wee bit obsessive with my eyebrows. One of my sisters still makes fun of how often I’d brush them when I was in high school. I just really feel like they can make or break your face, which is precisely why I love Ziba Beauty. Among other things, Ziba Beauty specializes in eyebrow threading. My other sister, Vettie (not the one who poked fun at me) introduced me to threading awhile back and I’ve been hooked ever since. The Ziba estheticians are really skilled at finding your best arch. And if you’re not into threading, they do offer waxing services (I’ve never had anything waxed by them but I would assume that they are just as skilled). Some other services include: Facials, Makeup, Wedding Services & Gorgeous Henna Tattoos. In fact, both Gwen Stefani & Madonna have raved about the Henna tattoos they got from Ziba salons.

They have 11 locations around Southern California. If you go to the one in the South Bay Galleria, ask for Rosie. She’s the best. 

Happy Threading!



4 responses to “Brow Obsession

  1. I’ve been threading my eyebrows this year too and i never went back to waxing!!loove it!

  2. Henna Tattoos! ohhhhh…I want one now!

  3. I think there’s a Ziba in the Cerritos mall. It could be another one of our beauty excursions!


  4. I know, Amina, I’ll never go back to waxing either!


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