A Perfect Shave


Hello Mavens! I found this really great product and I just had to share with you.  The Art of Shaving has a wonderful line of products for ladies called Rose Absolute For Sensitive Skin.  It comes in pretty pink packaging and promises to leave skin smooth and sleek, while relieving and preventing those dreaded ingrown hairs.   

Formulated with pure Rose Absolute, distilled from the finest, fresh-picked rose petals, naturally therapeutic, to soothe and hydrate. Rich glycerin leaves legs soft and silky while protective coconut oil helps the razor glide easily and freely. Luxurious lather leaves the skin moisturized and scented with the delicate aroma of roses.

I love the Ingrown Hair Night Cream – it accelerates the relief of ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Pure, unrefined African shea butter softens the skin, allowing ingrown hairs to break free, as jojoba oil moisturizes and unclogs pores. White willow bark and meadowsweet extract, containing salicilin, gently exfoliate to release the trapped hair. Formulated with pure Rose Absolute antiseptic and soothing, with therapeutic essential oils to reduce inflammation. Botanical extracts rich in fruit acids improve skin’s texture.

All in all, my legs were smooth and my daughter’s underarms were ingrown hair free!  A definite must try! 



3 responses to “A Perfect Shave

  1. Very cool – thanks for finding it! Ingrown hairs are the worst, and I always get them, so I really should try this.

  2. Ingrown hairs are the worst! I’ll also be giving this product a test-drive.


  3. It’s really worked or my daughter who get very painful ingrowns, and it smells really pretty.

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