Beauty News Flash – Lancome Oscillation Launch

Now you see it, now you don’t — Lancôme is employing Hollywood tactics for the launch of Oscillation, the battery-operated mascara that will launch later this fall.
The brand plans a “sneak preview” today of the $34 mascara in its 17 top doors. To get it, here’s where to go:

  • Online: and
  • Atlanta, GA: Macy’s at the Lenox Square Mall
  • Brea, CA: The Lancôme Boutique at the Brea Mall
  • Costa Mesa, CA: Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza
  • Chicago IL: Macy’s on State Street and Bon-Ton at the Yorktown Mall
  • Dallas, TX: Dillard’s and the Lancôme Boutique at NorthPark Center
  • Houston, TX: Neiman Marcus at the Galleria
  • Miami: Macy’s at the Dadeland Mall
  • NYC: Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s Herald Square and the Lancôme boutique on Columbus Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA: Macy’s Union Square
  • Santa ClaraCA: The Lancôme Boutique at the Valley Fair Mall
  • Short Hills, NJ: The Lancôme Boutique at the Short Hills Mall
If you get your hands on this product, let me know what you think. You have 24 hours….Go! 

11 responses to “Beauty News Flash – Lancome Oscillation Launch

  1. yes, i receive the email from the description and i was like…it sounds great….then i looked at the price and almost fainted…lol..

  2. Ummm… I’m confused. Why do we need battery-powered mascara? Seriously? That’s nuts.

  3. Does “sneek preview” mean free?? LOL…if not, I guess I’m gonna have to wait for you ladies to write a review and live vicariously.

  4. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new Lancome Oscillation mascara – I had reminders on my iPhone, work phone, computer, and alarm clock. I have to say I am severely disappointed with this product.

    As I was the first in line to purchase two (2) tubes of this product at the Yorktown Mall, IL Carson’s store, I ripped it out of the box before I paid for it to try it on. I was extremely excited and loved the application, putting two full coats on. The final results – not happy nor impressed. The separation is better than many mascara’s but nothing extradorinary (something I believed your product claimed to do better); my lashes were actually quite clumped together the longer the mascara dried. To top it off, the product flakes off (it actually started to flake while still in the store – approx 15 mins after application).

    The only characteristic which is true to your marketing is the mascara does appear to lenghten your lashes (my lashes are quite naturally long but I do like how they look a tad bit longer).

    So my $80 purchase will go in another full bag of cosmetics which will more than likely not be used again until I throw them out.

  5. wow, because I word in the cosmetic business, i’ll wait until it comes in the store to try it for free!!

  6. You have to give it a chance. It takes several times to get the hang of it and you have to go really slow. raved about it.

  7. I bought it today at Nordstroms and I’m glad I was there and could have someone demonstrate it for me. I would’ve totally swung the wand from side to side. You have to leave it alone and do it’s work, but I have to say it really is fantastic. Day 1 was a big hit — someone actually stared for the longest time trying to figure out what had changed (no I didn’t change my hair…). Hopefully it’ll be as great an experience tomorrow. I’ll let you know

  8. So I’ve heard lots of feedback about this product (both good and bad). I went ahead and ordered one so that I can see how I feel about it.

    Thanks for all of your comments! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, Catherine but thanks for letting us know.


  9. Sephora sent me an email but was sold out of the vibrating mascara in minutes (they had very few to sell!). Try SpinLash if you want great results and NO CLUMPING – it really combs the lashes while applying and only $14.95 at Target and many other drug stores!

  10. Ok – I woke up, and yes I created beautiful eyes with Oscillation. I do feel like I have the advantage of knowing what I am doing. Maybe that’s why I had such a bad experience with the Lauder Vibrator – there is just so much guck on that one. But I’ll give it a second chance and let you guys know which one grabs more attention.

  11. I really need a great mascara. Thanks for the heads up!

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