Lady of the Night

Our friends in the UK have something to look forward to this fall. Illamasqua which will debut in October, is setting itself up as a makeup line for women looking to unleash their alter egos after dark.

“We’re positioning ourselves as a nighttime makeup brand,” said Kate Massarella, marketing and product director at Illamasqua, which is based in London. “That’s when you let your inhibitions go a bit and become what you want to be. “It’s about empowering women to self-express through makeup,” she continued.

For its launch, Alex Box, the brand’s artistic director, created four looks, each boasting bold colors and brazen attitudes. One of the looks — Twenties Berlin — is an ephemeral collection. Two seasonal collections will be introduced yearly.

Among the brand’s product lineup are four foundation textures, including 21 shades of rich liquid foundation, priced at $39.63, 110 powder eye shadow hues, which will retail at $23.78 and nail polish in 35 colors, priced at $17.83. There will also be makeup tools and fill-to-order compact palettes.

For now, Illamasqua will only be available in London as the brand plans to establish itself domestically before tackling an international arena. 

“It has the same energy as MAC when it first [started],” said David Walker-Smith, men’s and beauty director at Selfridges, of the brand. “We’re launching it in a big way.”

I can’t wait to see it!



2 responses to “Lady of the Night

  1. That pink lipstick is calling my name!

  2. I am from Holland and want to know when does it comes to the Netherlands ?

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