Grace’s Healing Center


So you regular readers know that my spa finding buddy, Kiana and I have been on a mission to find the best, reasonably priced spas in Southern California. We’ve lucked out with a few- Dashing Diva, Touch Massage Boutique– and struck out with others- Sunset Foot Spa– but it’s always a fun adventure. Last week, one of the LWLers recommended Grace’s Healing Spa Center to the group and let us know about an amazing special: 1 hour massage or facial, full body sugar scrub and a detox soak all for $70. Needless to say, Kiana and I were game to check it out. 


Grace’s Healing Center is in an old converted house on La Brea in Hollywood so it had a really neat, cozy feel to it. My massage therapist, Jeuney was great! She was really attentive and gave a fantastic massage. I fell asleep several times during the hour. I tend to hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and I really felt like she worked out all of the knots. Following the massage, was the full body scrub, which was incredible. Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love a good body scrub and this one did not disappoint. The scrub was made of organic bamboo salt and smelled delicious. I was in body scrub heaven! Once I was all scrubbed down, I went and soaked in a steaming hot bamboo tub filled with aromatic oils. I just melted. My skin felt so buttery soft. The whole session lasted about an hour and a half and was well worth $70. I would definitely return.


Now, Kiana’s experience was slightly different. Not bad. Just different. So because her experience was more of a little adventure I’ll let her tell you herself in her own words….


As a former journalism major I pride myself on mastering the fine art of summarizing a lengthy tale into 500 words or less, however my experience at Grace Healing Spa Center knocks any of my previous tales out of the water. Like Nailah, my one hour adventure at Grace’s was worth the $70, considering I left with more information than I bargained for and a new found appreciation for my own nakedness. I won’t go into all of the hilarious nudity-filled details (and trust me, they are so absurd all I can do is laugh) because I’m too embarrassed to divulge everything here. However, I must mention that I asked Grace more than once if she was sure she wanted me to take off all of my clothes and she repeatedly told me yes, and so, I complied.

 Grace started off with the full body scrub, which was slightly awkward since I’ve already mentioned she answered yes to the aforementioned question, even though there was no sheet, only a tiny towel, to cover my ummm, well…take a wild guess. Despite the sheer look of grief plastered on my face throughout the whole scrub down, I have to admit that the sugar scrub (concocted by Grace) smelled and felt absolutely delightful. My skin felt ultra soft for the rest of the week.

 After the scrub Grace proceeded to take me into the detox room, which I’m sure I would have enjoyed just as much as Nailah if I wasn’t so worried about sweating out my newly acquired press and curl.  Word to the wise: avoid the detox room if you have any issues with messing up your hair, otherwise you will spend the entire time wondering how it is possible for so much water to come out of your body, while trying to figure out a way to salvage your roots.

 Next came by far the most bizarre portion of the massage. Grace spent most of the time working on my legs trying to make the “cellulite disappear” (her words, not mine).  The leg rubbing was followed by some sort of pulsating device placed on my stomach, and six things that felt like clothes-pins squeezed onto my back. In between that, there was a brief encounter with a healing stone. All this occurred while she diagnosed me with an overheated kidney, intestinal problems, and a bad knee. She also informed me that I’m overstressed, think too much, and I eat too many cold foods. The whole session ended with Grace getting on the massage table with me and showing me several stretches designed to make me stronger, less stressed, and apparently cool down my kidneys.

 Once again, I would like to reiterate that all of this occurred with Grace having answered yes to the “are you sure you want me to take off all of my clothes” question. And, I only complied because I was almost certain that Nailah was experiencing the same thing with her masseuse. I assumed that this is what happens at some spas, if not, at this one. To say the least, when the whole ordeal was finished I was surprised that Nailah’s experience was the total opposite of mine.

 Surprisingly, I would return to Grace’s because even though she pointed out a problem with the wrong body part, she did manage to stop most of the pain I’ve been experiencing in my lower back. On a scale from 1 to 10, the pain has dropped from a nine to a three. Also, the stretches she recommended have been working and I wouldn’t mind learning more from her, with less nudity, of course.

Grace’s Healing Spa Center

1319 N. La Brea Ave

Hollywood, CA 90028



N* & Kiana


3 responses to “Grace’s Healing Center

  1. LOL….there’s nothing wrong with getting nakey at the spa, but does Ms. Grace have the credentials to diagnose people with ailments?? I am glad she did give you suggestions on how to stretch and fel better. I could use a good scrub and massge myself.

  2. this whole story still makes me laugh out loud almost two weeks later. hilarious!

  3. Wow! I am a little confused by this. I am glad you asked twice about taking your clothes off. It is funny because when you’re new at the whole spa thing you think everything is normal. But you make it sound worth the experience espcially for $70.

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