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I love black eyeliner. If I’m in a rush and can’t put on makeup, I just line my lids with some liner and I’m good to go! However, I’ve never been good at putting on liquid eyeliner. It always ends up looking shaky and scraggly – like I applied it while sitting on a bus. Here are some tips for getting perfectly lined lids with liquid eyeliner. Hope it helps!

Tip 1: Shake the tube before you begin the application to smooth out any clumps in the tube. A smoother product equals a smoother line.

Tip 2: To keep your hand steady, trying resting your elbow on a table.

Tip 3: Start drawing in the center of your upper lash-line, following the curve of your eyelid. If you find drawing a straight line difficult you can use pencil eyeliner and create a few dashes. Then with the point liner brush of the liquid eyeliner, try to connect these dashes.

Tip 4: For maximum control, start out thin. You can add layers of color later for a thicker result.

Almay Liquid Eyeliner, Black -  2 / Pack

Try Almay Liquid Liner – its felt tip marker-like point makes it great for beginners

And hey, if it doesn’t work at first just start over and try again!



3 responses to “Liquid Liner

  1. Love liquid eyeline before that of the pencil. I always found the pencil to smudge leaving me looking like a panda bear

  2. wow… i’m using loreal’s mistake proof marker and LOVE it. i only stand behind it because in the last 2 weeks i have worn it to a wedding ceremony, then 5 hours of a reception dancing the night away in LA, a baby shower of wildness where 200 people celebrated till 4 in the morning in chicago, and mutliple nights of hitting the clubs in NYC and Boston… yes, it withstood all the seperate events.

    also, i 1) party and love dancing which means i sweat and 2) wear contacts. not once, NOT once did it streak and make me looking like i was crying black ink. i love it!

    try it and tell me what you think!


    ps because it’s like a marker and literally like drawing on your face, it goes on smooth, which is why i recently had my aunt who has a 1 year old try it. she won’t use anything else!

  3. Thanks for the great recommendation, Lush. I actually tried out this liner today and you’re totally right! I’m still wearing it. I’m definitely going to invest in a bottle. Thanks again!


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