Beauty Maven of the Week – Michelle Obama


Whether you’re a Dem or a Republican, an Independent or a Libertarian you have to admit that Michelle Obama is a style maven. She’s classy, polished and smart as a whip. Plus I think her eyebrows are impeccable (I told you I’m obsessed with eyebrows, right?) Check out this month’s Ebony for more on Michelle and the rest of the Obama family.

Barack and Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention The potential First Lady chose to wear a dress designed by Thakoon Panichgul on Thursday night as Sen. Barack Obama accepted his nomination in Denver. The floral Radzimir kimono dress, part of Thakoon’s pre-spring 2009 collection, once again signals Michelle Obama has no qualms about breaking with presidential tradition, opting to wear a dress by a young New York designer to her husband’s most important speech so far.



5 responses to “Beauty Maven of the Week – Michelle Obama

  1. ditto! Michelle Obama is stylish, an inspiration and beautiful inside and out!

  2. I do love Michelle Obama. I agree, she has great eyebrows. Mine are similar to fuzzy caterpillars.

  3. Yes those eyebrows. Have never been able to get this shape – mind you neither could I ever get that beautiful face too.

  4. She is just lovely, I tell ya.

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