Reader Review – L’Oreal Mistake Proof Marker

Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner - Eyeliner - Eyes

One of our readers, Lush, highly recommends L’Oreal’s Mistake Proof Marker as a liquid liner. Read below to see what she said:

“wow… i’m using loreal’s mistake proof marker and LOVE it. i only stand behind it because in the last 2 weeks i have worn it to a wedding ceremony, then 5 hours of a reception dancing the night away in LA, a baby shower of wildness where 200 people celebrated till 4 in the morning in chicago, and mutliple nights of hitting the clubs in NYC and Boston… yes, it withstood all the seperate events.

also, i 1) party and love dancing which means i sweat and 2) wear contacts. not once, NOT once did it streak and make me looking like i was crying black ink. i love it!

try it and tell me what you think!


ps- because it’s like a marker and literally like drawing on your face, it goes on smooth, which is why i recently had my aunt who has a 1 year old try it. she won’t use anything else!”

Lush made it sound so amazing that I had to run out and try it for myself. I completely agree! It’s a great liquid liner, it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t run. Love it! Check out Lush’s blog where she dishes on all things, well, lush. 

Thanks again Lush for the amazing review!!



3 responses to “Reader Review – L’Oreal Mistake Proof Marker

  1. Looks awesome! Will have to try very soon!

  2. This looks like the answer. Like stated in the testimonial – no streamliningg down the face when sweating. This is good news

  3. i’m glad other hotties are seeing how great this product is! i could not keep this to myself when i found it which is why i’ve been gushing about it to every woman i have found!

    thanks for the love, girls!


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