Los Angeles Spa Week

So we all know that I love a good spa treatment, right. The only thing better than a relaxing massage or facial is getting one at a super discounted price. Enter Spa Week! From September 15-21 you can book spa services at the best day spas in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco for $50. And these are not mini or shortened treatments in any way, shape or form. You’ll be getting the full length treatment for $50. Even better, book an appointment at a full service day spa like Equinox and you can use all of their amenities for the whole day once you’re done with your spa service. My plan is to try something that I’ve never done before. I’m thinking either Accupuncture or a Hot Stone Massage. I’ll definitely keep you posted on what spas I check out and what services I decide to try. And don’t despair, all my East Coast Mavens, Spa Week will be hitting your side of the continent October 13-19. Check out www.spaweek.org for more info and to see when Spa Week is coming to your city or state. Go out and pamper yourselves. We all deserve it!



8 responses to “Los Angeles Spa Week

  1. how come I don’t live in L.A to take advantage of this special?

  2. You should check out the site. They might be doing a spa week in your city also!


  3. Dern, no specials in Missouri. Ah well, I’ll just have to indulge in a nice massage at Ginger Bay (a local spa/salon) and wait for your reviews on the accupuncture and hot stone massage. I’d love to try those also!

  4. Never had a spa and it looks like the only way that I would ever have the opportunity is when I find one at a mega price too.

  5. Wow, i wish i were in L.A.!!

  6. I will definitely check it out – I hope they are having specials here! I totally could use both the massage and the discount!

  7. Aww man I wish I could be in LA to take advantage of this also!

  8. Spa Week is great. If you live near Silver Lake, check out Body Bar Spa on Sunset.

    (323) 663-1533
    We’re doing a Pumpkin Enzyme Facial and a Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap. It’s a great deal at $50 a treatment!

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