My New Obsession!

Mavens, I’ve found something new to be excited about!  Well it’s not new, it’s actually been around for  awhile but I’ve just been re-introduced to it and I’m fired-up!  Prevage was the 2006 Allure “Editors’ Choice Best of Beauty” award for Best Anti-aging Treatment.  I always get great testimonies from all kinds of customers who swear by it. One  told me how it got rid of her crow’s feet and age-spots.


Here are some reviews:

  • Major Reduction and removal of fine lines and lesser facial wrinkles
  • Smoothing over and filling of deeper, more prominent facial expression lines & wrinkles
  • General evening of the skin surface and complexion
  • Overall more radiant and symmetrical skin appearance

A word of warning though, a patch test must be done first on the inside of your elbow to check for irritation, not recommended for people with sensitive skin.



One response to “My New Obsession!

  1. Yes Prevage rocks! I totally agree with you as I have sold plenty of it in my line of work. And the Prevage eye cream is the best does-everything eye cream around.

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