Sleepless in Toronto

I’ve been having such a hard time sleeping theses days, nothing I did was helping so I was happy when I found this article on

10 Natural Ways to Address Insomnia

Want to look good, feel good, and improve your overall health? Beauty sleep is key. The average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep to feel rested, but between work, friends, family, and everything else, sleep often gets pushed to the side. Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, decrease mental alertness, and increase the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Sleep is important! Read on for 10 ways to help you get your zzz’s.

1. Reserve the Bed for Sleeping. Your bed is not a couch, a kitchen, or an office. When you bring television, food, and paperwork into your bed you instantly smother the feeling of calm and security it’s meant to provide. By keeping these things out of the bedroom, you can train your mind to associate your bed with peaceful, calming thoughts of sleep, dreams, and love. Sleep is your chance to escape your hectic life and your bed is the perfect vehicle.

2. Phase Out Caffeine Near Bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulant and can increase anxiety, so it makes sense not to have it before bedtime. If you are a caffeine junkie, try to stop drinking it several hours before bed and see how this affects your sleeping pattern. Also, note how much caffeine you have throughout the day and see if cutting back helps you sleep better at night. Once you get to know your body, you will know how much caffeine you can drink and still get a good night’s sleep.

3. Find Your Best Sleep Schedule. Sleep comes easiest when you follow a routine. Try going to bed and waking up around the same time each day. Eventually, your body will become accustomed to the routine and falling asleep and waking up should become much easier. Skimping on sleep and trying to catch up later is not effective and will only lead to a constant state of drowsiness.

4. Get in Tune With Nature. Mask disrupting sounds with the natural and calming sounds of rain, waves, wind, or birds. Sounds recorded from nature are widely available and affordable.

5. Wind Down Before Bedtime. Before heading off to bed, practice a calming act such as reading, stretching, or yoga to mellow you out. Bright lights, loud music, or intense exercise are all sure ways to keep you awake, so dim the lights and ease into the night.

6. Try Lavender Oil. Lavender essential oil is a natural sleep inducer. Place a small diffuser on your nightstand and enjoy the sweet aroma as you drift off to sleep.

7. Deep Breathing. Often when we go to bed, we’re still thinking about the day’s events or what lies ahead tomorrow. Upon closing your eyes, clear your mind and focus only on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly and concentrate on each inhalation and exhalation. You can calm your body just by slowing and deepening your breathing.

8. Drink Tea. A hot cup of chamomile or Sleepy Time tea will warm you up and settle you down. All natural and good for you, some teas contain antioxidants that help flush harmful bacteria out of your system.

9. Write it Down. Journaling is the perfect way to de-stress from your day. Write down anything that comes to mind: the day’s events, frustrations, positive experiences, or what needs to be done tomorrow. Writing relieves stress and by documenting your thoughts you can clear your mind and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

10. Listen to Your Body. One of the most important things you can do is to listen to your body. Take a moment and really tune in to what it’s telling you. Remember our bodies are naturally programmed to know what is best for us. Do you need to move around a bit more or is your body ready to shut down for the day? Should you write, listen to music, or have a cup of tea? Your body will tell you what it needs to get a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams & Have a Great Weekend!





3 responses to “Sleepless in Toronto

  1. I really needed this list. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I am a total insomniac and can take any helpful hints I can get. I love how inclusive your blogs is – after all they don’t call it “getting your beauty sleep” for nothing!

  3. For the last two weeks I’ve banned television and laptops from my bedroom and it’s totally worked. When I get into bed my body starts to wind down instead of being wired. I’ll have to try out the rest of these tips!


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