Dark Nail Color

Vettie and I were chatting about all of the new dark, purple colors popping up for fall and we came to the realization that our mother was the original beauty maven! Our mum’s fave shades of lipstick used to be Fashion Fair’s Mahogany and Teek. Two ultra sultry, dark colors that resemble the newest vampy shades hitting the runways and department stores this fall. Anyway, after remembering this I hit up my local Sephora to test out Smashbox’s new lip colors – after all, if it looked hot on my mum 20 years ago, it’d probably look good on me, right? Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. I think because I have a darker skin tone the colors just didn’t seem that dramatic on me. Don’t get me wrong, they were still beautiful colors, I just wasn’t getting the bold look that I kept seeing in the ads. And since I usually wear a more natural lip I figured it would be a waste to invest in the new shades. 

I did however stumble upon some great nail colors while in Walgreen’s. I’m loving Sally Hansen’s “Pat on the Black.” In fact, I liked the color so much that I broke my “no color on hands” rule and went home and put it on my toes and nails right away. I’ve been getting tons of compliments about the color all week. 


What do you think? Have you all had any experiences (good or bad) with these colors? Oh and by the way, I think I’ll be breaking my “no color on hands” rule a lot more now!



6 responses to “Dark Nail Color

  1. I love OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney and Lincoln Park After Dark (which is a couple seasons old). The blue shades, like Yoga-ta Get This Blue, look odd with my skin tone, but those reddish/purple-ish two look great! So chic.

  2. I stan for Nicole (by OPI)’s Girl Talk. Can’t get enough of it!

  3. right now i’ m wearing OPI’s Lincoln Park which is the darkest purple, love it!

  4. That color looks great on you! The new Fall plums are gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of breaking my no color on the hands rule too, so now you’ve inspired me to go for it.

  5. love the color. Just purchase OPI’s ‘ I’m fundue of you’ Its a cross between chocolate and plum, yummy

  6. wow! everyone is wearing such fun colors.


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