Keeping it Sexy!

It was about time Mavens,  I finally joined the gym!  It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad I got back to it.  My problem now is making sure I find a really good sports bra in order to keep the girls from sagging.   Mavens you know that we all wish that they could stay perky forever.  A friend of mine was telling me about a Clarins bust gel and lotion that supposedly works miracles.  When you use both the cream and gel, they work together to promote firmer surface skin and contours the “natural bra” (the triangle of skin from the base of the breasts to the chin).  It also claims to revitalize and moisturize the skin. The gel is used in the morning while the lotion is used at night.

I’ll be giving it a try, anything to preserve my sexiness! LOL!



2 responses to “Keeping it Sexy!

  1. You must have read my mind – I was just shopping for bust gels last evening! I was looking at Phytomer’s because I love that product line but I’ve also heard very good things about the Clarin’s and I know they are always selling out of it around here. Now I’ll have to decide which way to go, but in anycase I could use all the help I can get. I’d love to know how the Clarins works out for you

  2. i’ll let you know, and you let me knbow what you decide to get.

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