My New Obsession

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet figured out a way to pay my rent with beauty blogging so I have to work a day job. Luckily, there are some pretty nice perks to this day job. Last week during our sales meeting we were each allowed to pick an activity to break up the monotony of the meeting (4 days of all day meetings can begin to wear anyone down) and naturally I picked a massage. More specifically, a Thai Massage. If you haven’t yet had a Thai massage I highly recommend it. I was stretched and twisted in all sorts of ways. After the massage I felt relaxed, flexible and 3 inches taller! It was like lazy man’s yoga. I am definitely hooked. So I did some research in hopes of finding a great (and less expensive than the Four Seasons) Thai massage parlour in the LA area and found Thai Sabai. I will definitely be paying this place a visit and you can count on a full review very soon.

And I’m serious, if you haven’t had a Thai massage yet you’re missing out on a tiny slice of heaven.



3 responses to “My New Obsession

  1. wow, thaat sounds good, I must start indulging again, it’s been a long time since I had a massage!

  2. A Thai massage sounds like exactly what I need after this week! I’ll need to search to see if there’s a place in St. Louis where I can get one.

  3. I feel the same way – it’s been a looong week! You should check out They usually have really accurate reviews.


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