Glowing Results

A new dietary supplement called Glowelle claims that with regular use, your skin will be brighter and glowier. It’s a drink that comes in liquid and powder form – sort of like those Crystal Light sticks you pour into your water bottle – and is filled with Vitamins A, C and E, plus other good-for-you extracts like pomegranate, green tea, and goji berry. Their list of ingredients is backed up by a very impressive-looking thesis-style bibliography of studies on the substances.


At Neiman Marcus, a 30-day supply costs $112 – about $3.75 per packet. The 7-day pack costs $40.

Glowelle comes in two flavors and the powder packet only has 50 calories.

What do you think? Would you shell out the big bucks for a miracle powder?



One response to “Glowing Results

  1. I was with you until I saw the price…

    I could always just drink more water and use vitamin E. LOL.

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