Hi Mavens,  I checked my mailbox today and was delighted to find my package arrived from  the Shopping Channel.  I’m so excited because I ordered Cellex-C’s hydrating kit which includes  a 30ml  serum, moisturizer, under eye toning gel, a B complex hydrator and a smaller 15 ml bottle of serum.  I first read about this product in a magazine and it claims to work miracles but then again, don’t they all? 

The other night I was laying in bed watching T.V. when I flicked to the Shopping Channel and they were talking about this product.  They had a picture of the Dr. who created the product’s face showing where he used the products on 1 side of his face for 6 months and WOW!  What a difference – he looked like he had a stroke!  One side of his face was saggy and wrinkled while the side that he used the Cellex-C on  was tight, lifted and wrinkle free!  His face looked lopsided.  I was sold, i grabbed my credit card and made  the call.  I’m starting it tonight, and will let you know in 4 weeks how it goes.



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