Booty Parlor

My sister, Nicole, works for a women’s magazine and gets all kinds of fun samples and swag. The latest samples she received (that she graciously shared with me, Thanks Nicole!) were products from Booty Parlor, a fun line that claims to be the “Beauty Parlor for you Sex Life.”

I got the Kissaholic Kissing Kit in both “Swoon” and “Faint.” Kissaholic is a revolutionary aphrodisiac-infused, two-step kissing kit featuring an aphrodisiac plumping lip gloss and an aphrodisiac cinnamint breath mist. I can’t really vouch for the aphrodisiac aspect of the gloss but I do know that my lips felt kissably soft and looked fantastic. I really like Swoon which is a dark berry color with blackberry and honey. The cinnamint breath mist is a cute addition but I honestly haven’t used it so much. I guess it would come in handy in I ran out of gum. 

I also got the Flirty Little Secret Luminizing Body Butter. The butter is jammed packed with good for you antioxidants and is infused with pure pearl pigment to give your body a healthy glow. And of course, the most important ingredient in the butter is Booty Parlor’s powerful Pheromone blend, an attraction agent that makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. Again, not sure if the Pheromones are working but I do love how this butter smells and how smooth it makes your skin. The pearly glow was an extra bonus. Plus I love the bottle the butter comes in – I’m a sucker for good packaging!

Last but not least is the Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer – Crusin’ For a Bronzin’.  This body shimmer lightly dusts you with a sexy bronze sheen that’s subtle enough for every skin tone. Best of all, it smells and tastes exactly like cinnamon-sugar. I’ve never really used bronzing powder before but I really enjoyed this product. Plus the little powder puff made me feel way 1920’s glamour. The dusting powder is also available in Punch Drunk Pink and Don’t Call Me Honey.

Overall I really like this line with its great products and cute packaging. Give it a try, especially if you’re trying to snag someone with the use of pheromones and aphrodisiacs!



4 responses to “Booty Parlor

  1. How delightfully naughty. SHOOT! LOL

  2. Wow! I’ve gotta get some of that body butter! Plus I love the whole concept. Thanks for the 411 N*!

  3. ok, I want the job where you get to name all of these fun products!

  4. I’m with Caroline – how fun would that be to name stuff? I’ve always thought about that!

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