Evan Healy Blemish Treatment Kit

I’m not sure if it’s the wonky weather (it went from 70 degrees to 95 in less than a week) or if it’s the extra stress at work but lately my skin has really been breaking out. I decided to try a more natural routine and hit up my local Whole Foods for a good solution to my skin woes. After some help from the Whole Body assistant, I settled upon Evan Healy’s Blemish Treatment Kit – a seven to ten day treatment that promises to deep cleanses, detoxify and refine pores. Included in the kit is a Tea Tree Gel Cleanser, the Orange Blossom Facial Tonic, Rosehip Treatment Oil, Blemish Treatment Roll-On and Green Tea Clay. 

I’ve heard great things about both Tea Tree oil and Rosehip. Rosehip is credited for helping in reducing scars, healing eczema, soothing burns, re-hydrating skin, repairing damaged skin cells and reducing wrinkles. Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-fungal properties and is used for several skin ailments including acne.

I started my treatment on Saturday and hopefully in seven to ten days I’ll be looking at less irritated skin. Wish me luck!



3 responses to “Evan Healy Blemish Treatment Kit

  1. Hi, just wondering what the results of the evan healy products you used were. I have been used the blemish kit for about a week with satisfying results. I am looking for user reviews to decide whether to buy more.


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