No! No!


No one enjoys shaving and now Sephora is aiming to help us spend much less time doing it with no!no!, Sephora’s exclusive next generation hair removal system. No!No! is changing the shaving routines of women around the world. Portable and sleek, it utilizes revolutionary Thermicon technology, a gentle heat wave that destroys hair without pain or irritation, to safely reduce hair re-growth up to 64%. It gives professional removal treatments, like lasers and electrolysis, a run for their money. Over time, you’ll notice decreased hair density, a lot less stubble and a lot more time spent not shaving.  





3 responses to “No! No!

  1. Whoo! I’d love to know if this works for anyone. What a great alternative to consider!

  2. That thing scares me. LOL. I’ve yet to hear of anyone who has used it.

  3. I’d be interested to know if it works also. Not a fan of shaving!


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