Lipstick Queen

I recently discovered Lipstick Queen, a sassy line of lipcolor that suits everyone’s needs. I’m particularly in love with their “Saint” collection, which is a line of super sheer lipsticks with just enough color and loads of moisture. They are the perfect everyday lipsticks. The colors range from Saint Nude – a pink nude- to Saint Berry- a deep blackberry. 

And don’t you worry my heavy lipstick wearing Mavens, Lipstick Queen has a line of full color lipsticks as well in their “Sinner Collection.” A decadent line of rich, opaque lipcolors with a matte yet silky finish. The colors promise to be “all pigment, no shimmer or frosting.” Again, the colors range from pretty pinks to deep reds so there is something there for everyone. 

The owner of the company, Poppy, has a pretty interesting story. She started her first lipstick company fresh out of high school at the age of 18. She wasn’t a chemist or a makeup artist, just a lipstick connaiseur who craved the rich, opulaent lipcolors of the 1940’s. I love a good start-up story! Check it out and let me know what you think.




7 responses to “Lipstick Queen

  1. I liiiike! I don’t ever wear lipstick, but these seem really nice.

  2. I haven’t worn lipstick in a long time, but I do like it! Their branding idea is darling! Saints and Sinners. I’m a sucker for creative marketing.

  3. Honestly I only wear lipstick if there is gathering or party, but with this one I would try it for sure.

  4. I feel the same way as all 3 of you. I don’t really wear lipstick but something about this line makes me want to buy them all! I definitely recommend the “Saint” collection for the non-lipstick wearers. Love it.


  5. lipstick – lip gloss – lip liner – I wear it all and I would love to try some of those “sinner” shades. It’s a great story too. I love how you often introduce unique brands. Thanks!

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  7. I don’t like the frosting effect in most lipsticks, lipstick queen uses very clear color without all of the shimmer and frost. I love sinners and saints! i have become such a loyal fan!

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