Evan Healy Blemish Treatment Kit Review

As some of you may remember I started using Evan Healy’s Blemish Treatment  Kit a couple of months ago in an attempt to “green” up my face routine. I had seen some good reviews about Evan Healy and the kit came with high marks from the Whole Foods guy who suggested it to me. Overall, I did not have a good experience with this product and was pretty disappointed with the end results. My first issue was that there were no directions anywhere in the kit. It came with five different products but I had no idea which to use first.  After using the kit for about two weeks I began to notice that instead of helping my blemishes it was actually creating more! Wherever I would use the blemish treatment roll-on I would begin getting the worst breakouts in that region. I stopped using the kit and went back to my regular routine and almost immediately my skin went back to normal. There was defintely something in the kit that reacted poorly with my skin. So unfortunately, the Evan Healy Blemish Kit was a no-go for me.

Have any of you had experiences (good or bad) with Evan Healy products? Let us know!



16 responses to “Evan Healy Blemish Treatment Kit Review

  1. I have no idea what that is and now, I never will. I’m glad you got your skin back to normal. =)

    I swear, the only thing that keeps my skin clear is Cetaphil and the Neutrogena Wave every so often. If I manage to remember to exfoliate with a scrub (alternating with the Wave), so much the better.

  2. Hello,
    I myself have had a very hard time with acne for a long time. I am now 27, and have been battling it since I was 14. Just to give you a little note, when first using 100% natural products on the face,after using unnatural products, the body adjusts to the product by detoxing what had been unable to be released. And with that, breakouts occur. This is called”purging”. This is a temporary process, but very healthy and necessary. Just like any detox, your body has o expel all of the toxins, and our skin gets the worst of it, being that it is the largest organ, and meant for that purpose. It is very discouraging when we buy a product to clear our skin. But, just keep in mind, it’s not only about the outside, but also the inside that plays a factor in clearing acne. And whatever wanted to “get out”, joyfully found its way, and you were on your way to a longer lasting, healthier way to clear skin. Patience is key when you want healthier results

    • @Kiana Thanks so much for your insightful comment! That makes complete sense that my body would have to detox thus causing me to breakout. I have been using a different natural cleanser with much better results but I will definitely keep your advice in mind – I just need to be much more patient! Thanks again!


  3. I was going to say the same thing about the purging that Kiana said. It’s true, when you first switch to all natural products, it takes a little while to get used to the clean products, and get rid of toxins. I use Pangea Organics for my facial care, but I recently broke out a bit, I think due to stress and too much sweets lately, and I tried the evan healy blemish roll-on and it worked much better than I was even expecting.
    Definitely have patience- using truly all natural & organic products is better for you and the environment.

    • @Erin Thanks for the comment! I realize now that my body was probably just adjusting to the less toxic routine. Don’t worry – I haven’t given up on natural/organic products. I just need to find the one that’s best for me. Thanks again for your great comment!


  4. I had great luck with Evan Healy Blue (for sensitive skin) I have also discovered that much of my skin problems are because i am testosterone-sensitive. Hence, the pimples that flare more monthly. Drinking huge amounts of water, eating fruit and a tablespoon of essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s and 6’s…I like Udo’s oil) twice a day. I actually have DEWY wonderful skin now!

    • @Greengal Thanks for the comment! I’m glad Evan Healy is working well for you. Maybe there was an ingredient that was not agreeing with my skin. I have been drinking tons of water and I just recently started taking Omega 3. I’m still working on increasing my fruit intake!

  5. I love Evan Healy. I can’t imagine my life with out it. I use their rose nip oil and camomile mostuirizer. It never leaves my skin oily, it actually makes it healthy and plump. Breaking out can also have alot to do with diet. I’m on a no sugar, no carb diet. Plenty of water, fresh young coconut milk, and green drinks and you’ll never see better skin in your life.

  6. Hello again! Sorry it has taken a while to post again.I have used the Evan Healy Tea Tree wash, Chamomile eye cream, and the Green Tea mask. I love all of them. As I said before, sometimes, the skin has to break out, before clearing up. And the most important factor is an all over health and well-being. Drinking lots of purified water(to avoid chlorine, toxins, waste, and hormones), eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, try to avoid all processed foods and sugar(choose stevia) exercise daily, have peaceful moments to yourself, and get adequate sleep. And, one thing that I have found over the past couple of months, is that food allergies plays a major role in how we feel from moment to moment. I found that I have a sugar allergy, and I break out, on top of feeling awful, when I eat anything with sugar. And, please remember, what we use to clean and moisturize our skin, is supposed to do that, and that only. Acne is a symptom of our body trying to rid toxins, an allergic reaction, or a hormone imbalance. Evan Healy’s line is wonderful for not supressing this symptom, and allowing the skin to breathe. As with any product, you want to give it time, but know that we must also keep our all over health and well-being intact to experience “true” clear skin;) (sorry this is so long)

  7. Sorry, I forgot to say one thing. It is hard to find a “one product clears all” line. Sometimes, there are things in some products that causes more of the reason why we get acne. And it is sad, but true, that it will be a lot of trial and error. But, the right treatment is out there or each of us. Just keep in mind that natural ingredients are best, because the body has it’s own natural ability to heal and cleanse itself. And things that come from the earth, that are not over processed, and have added chemicals to them, allow the body to naturally heal, and help with the process. finding out what the root of the problem is a cure in itself. The problem is rarely what we put on our skin. Less is more.

    • Can anyone recommend what evanhealy products I should use? I have large poors, combination skin (oily chin and peripheral cheeks, dry forehead) and I WOULD LOVE to get all that junk in my pours out–it sticks out of each pour like flags of defeat. 🙂 Sorry it that’s gross! A natural food co-0p clerk suggested evanhealy’s rose oil and hydrosil something or other and green tea mask. I was too shy to ask her to write down the regimen she suggested–oiling and opening the pours before applying the tea mask. This ring a bell?

  8. I love love LOVE Evan Healy products. They have done wonders for my sensitive skin, w. underlying combination of dryness, oily and cystic acne. I have tried them all and if you ever have any questions you can call them or email them, they will respond with thoughtful answers. Great stuff! My favorites are the green tea clay mask, blemish roll-on and blue cleanser.

  9. I have been using evenhealy for two weeks:)) it was recommended by my natural path. I have acne prone skin, so I went with the blemish set. My skin doesnt seem to be improving I have alot of breakouts on the lower part of my face under my lip area. Im hoping it works but i find after i put on the
    pomegrant serum with seabuck thorne my face feels oily for a couple hrs. Would this not clog your pores? But I also am a firm believer in all natural so Im not prepaired to give up.

  10. I just started using Evan Healy’s (Blue) yesterday. I have large pores, scarring from acne, and can’t remember ever not having at least one pimple on my face since I was 8. I’ve decided to do the ‘green’ all-natural facial routine and chose this over the much more expensive L’uvalla line. I found this site by searching for revues, and am prepared to stay the course per all the wonderful post above. I’ll check back in and report my experience as this is what I would want to see as a consumer.
    @ Rebekah – I’d love to know how it goes for you!

  11. So, it’s been a month since I started using Evanhealy’s Blue. I did experience the break out. It did go away. I figured what needed to come to the surface needed to do so in order to be-gone! What really made a difference for me during the frustration of these break outs was the Sea Algae Serum. I used morning and at night.

    I heard about this facial detox routine a couple days ago. The point of the facial detox is to allow your skin to do it’s own thing. We sometimes, I know I do!, go from one product to the other without giving anything a chance and our skin is all over the place trying to find the balance. Hence breakouts, over production of oil, dryness, etc. I’ve been washing my face 2 times a day with nothing but raw, organic, unpasterized, honey – and that’s it. No toner, moisturizer, makeup, nothing at all. I figured I’ve tried everything why not try nothing and see how that goes. The results in just a couple days have been wonderful. Skin is beginning to feel ‘just right’.

    I’ll continue this facial detox for at least 10 more days. After that I’ll go back to using evanhealy on a fresh, new, super clean canvas of skin. I’m sold on evanhealy, and plan to continue using it.

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