Dior Nude Natural Glow Makeup Review…Kinda

So I wanted to give Dior’s new Natural Glow Makeup a try and was disappointed to find that they don’t make it in a dark enough shade for my skin tone. I’m not even that dark! I’m pretty saddened to see that Dior left out a whole segment of the population. Very unfortunate.

So no review for me. Boo.

UPDATE – My sister (who is far more beauty savvy than I) informed me that there might indeed be a dark enough shade for me. Maybe my local Nordstrom’s just didn’t carry it? I’ll keep looking and keep you posted. 



7 responses to “Dior Nude Natural Glow Makeup Review…Kinda

  1. Wow, that IS a pip. You’d think being in the business of makeup that a name like Dior would include all the beautiful skin tones that people come in. Raspberries to them.

  2. are you sure they don’t have a color to suit you because i got a sample of the darkest color which has red undertones and it was great.

  3. that’s the problem with all these high brands. They still don’t get that WOC also love make up and one shade is not enough for them

  4. Dior is the worst for not making colours dark enough for black skin tones. Have you seen their spray foundation? The darkest colour they make is a honey brown. Have these people been living under a rock?

  5. I have tried this foundation [very expensive!] and found that it increases the appearance of fine lines. I bought the colour recommended by the consultant and it goes on very light but changes colour slightly after several minutes. It feels good on the skin and has caused no allergic reaction but I am worried about the lines.

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