Safiya Beauty on the Web


So is still in the works (it’s coming soon though!) but I decided to list my products on some other sites. I’m proud to announce that you can now buy Safiya products at Etsy, 1000markets and Artfire! Please go check out my shops and let me know what you think!



6 responses to “Safiya Beauty on the Web

  1. I’m loving the assortment. As soon as my no buy kick is done, I think I’m going to get a scrub – I hear they’re fantastic!

  2. you’ve been a busy bee!! congratulations!!

  3. @Alicia Thanks for the support!
    @Amina Yes pretty busy. Thanks!


  4. Hey girl I am gonna put this on my blog…congratulations! Give me some tips!! 🙂

  5. southernprincess

    Hey I just posted all this on my page along with the links to buy it 🙂 check it out

  6. @southernprincess aww, thanks so much!

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