Sigg Water Bottle Teams up with Aveda


Anyone who knows me knows that I adore my Sigg water bottle (mine is similar to the one picture but with cherry blossoms on it). And Sigg is giving me yet another reason to love their water bottles – they’ve teamed up with Aveda to produce a special bottle for Earth Day:

SIGGmakers of the original Swiss reusable water bottles, are committed to changing consumer dependency on plastic bottles by raising awareness on water issues across the globe.

To kick start the activity in the run up to Earth Month in April, SIGG has provided reusable bottles to a number of models backstage at London Fashion Week, to encourage them to go plastic-free. This has enabled them to set an example and prove that it IS possible to live without plastic!  SIGG believes that behavior change at high profile events, such as this, is key to educating and encouraging the consumer to give up plastic and thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste that goes to landfill!

This year, SIGG has collaborated with Aveda to produce a special AVEDA AND SIGG FOR EARTH MONTH 2009 bottle, to be sold at their salons and stores across the country, as part of a new global initiative that acknowledges the daily struggle of over one billion people around the world who do not have access to clean water.

This will encourage participants in the Aveda Walk for Water* campaign, on the 22nd April, to carry and use their bottles on the walk and then to keep them and reuse them in their everyday lives afterwards. The walk is intended to raise awareness as well as funds for the Global Greengrants Fund charity, to provide grants for community based water projects around the world.

 “With the AVEDA AND SIGG FOR EARTH MONTH 2009 bottle you can make a fashion statement and an eco statement all in one bottle, whilst raising money for charity!” claims Steve Wasik, CEO of SIGG.

Check out to snag your own super chic water bottle.



3 responses to “Sigg Water Bottle Teams up with Aveda

  1. Ah! Sigg and Aveda. Two of my favorites. So cool they have teamed up for a great cause!

  2. Love Aveda! I had actually not ever heard of Sigg, so thanks for introducing me to them. What a great cause.

  3. Step up in style and quality from the plastic sippy cup. All SIGG bottles are tested 100-percent safe with NO leaching. All SIGG bottles are durable

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