Return to Origins Recycling Program

So I’m back from my fabulous birthday vacation! Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes – I sincerely appreciated it! And I know that many of you took advantage of the birthday sale. I hope you all enjoyed your luxurious body butters and luscious shower scrubs.

I can’t believe it’s April already. But one of the great things about April is that the whole world pays more attention to the Earth for Earth Day. And although it seems like a lot of hype for everyone to suddenly be green for one month. I think that if we even change one aspect of our lives because of Earth Day, then it is for the better.

One beauty company is doing its part – Origins has rolled out its Return to Origins Recycling Program. Starting March 29, 2009, bring your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars, etc. – regardless of brand – to your nearest Origins retail store or department store counter nationwide. All returned packaging will be sent back to a central location where products will be recycled or used for energy recovery.

In an industry first, Origins will accept packaging from any cosmetic company regardless of the manufacturer. They believe that the more they collect from consumers, the more they can keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills. And they hope this program will encourage other companies into following their example.

To thank you for joining Origins in their commitment to the environment, they’ll treat you to a FREE sample of your choice of one of Origins high-performance skincare products.

To learn more about the program check out

I think this is an incredible step in the right direction. Everyday packaging accounts for approximately 1/3 of all landfill waste. Imagine the dent we could put in that landfill waste if we all started recycling our beauty packages! 

What do you think about this? Will you be carting your empties down to an Origin store near you?



5 responses to “Return to Origins Recycling Program

  1. We started on the recycling bandwagon a bit late, but we are all onboard now. It’s amazing how much we generate! Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have guessed we used so much that could be recycled. We actually generate about four times more recyclable vs. regular trash. Thankfully, our trash pickup is super-convenient because we don’t need to sort it. But kudos to Origins for giving consumers yet another option to recyle! Soon, there’ll be no excuse because it will be easy for everyone.

  2. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I hope it catches on and that people actually get to recycling.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up – that’s a great promotion! I always recycle my MAC cosmetics – love their free lipstick promo for bringing back your empties.

  4. This really is a good idea!

    p.s. Anything Earth day related will forever remind me of you turning off lights in a hotel hallway. lol!

  5. Happy birthday in arrears girl…
    hope you had a blast.

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