Zoya Nail Polish

I love getting packages in the mail. So I was uber excited when a pretty little package came for me earlier this week. I just knew it was my Zoya nail polishes (eeek!). Zoya collection is not about what’s in the products but rather what is not. The average nail polish is basically nothing more than a refined version of automobile paint. Zoya makes over 300 gorgous, long-lasting nail polishes that are free of toulene, formaldehyde, phthalates and camphor. It’s the best brand that I’ve found that combines rich, trendy colors with a chemical-free formula. 


I ordered the La-Di-Da Sampler from their Summer 2009 Collection.  I’m not sure why they call it a ‘sampler’ because it comes with 6 full sized bottle of nail polish. The sampler set comes with 6 summer colors: America (red), Dita (fushcia), Renee (hot pink), Ali (bumblegum pink), Paz (neon yellow) and Pippa (yellow). Now I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m definitely a pink girl when it comes to nail polish but there was something about the yellow that made me instantly reach for it.  And I’m glad I did.

It’s ridiculously vibrant! It makes me exceedingly happy.

Everytime I get a glimpse of my toes it makes me smile. I’m excited to try out the other colors as well.  So Zoya is a definite must buy in my opinion. It’s less harsh than the usual nail polish and it comes in fantastic colors that make you instantly happy. What more could you ask for, right?

What color are you wearing right now? What’s your summer color?



4 responses to “Zoya Nail Polish

  1. Nothing right now, but I’m a sucker for an opaque pinky nude. I’ll have to try these. Chemicals are starting to bother me (knowing they’re there is a worry).

  2. @alicia my sister is the same with the opaque pink! i like bright pinks. you should try out the line if you’re trying to steer clear of chemicals


  3. I’ve had luck with OPI, so right now I have on Miami Beet. But I jump all over with the colors, Black Cherry Chutney, Bogota Blackberry, Chapel of Love, Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s the only one I’ve found that can hold up without chipping.

  4. “I’m wearing the Essie summer neutral nail polish, and would change tomorrow for the pink one. Been wearing neutral for a week now. Tomorrow, I’ll go with the pink one, blending with my mac lipstick and makeup.”

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