Hot Process Soap

I recently took a great soap-making class at this fantastic little place in Santa Monica, The Urban Craft Center. The Urban Craft Center offers incredible classes in all types of arts & crafts. From sewing to soap-making to jewelry-making. Another great perk, you can rent space and store your supplies in their workshop, which is something I’m thinking of doing since my small little condo is overflowing with Safiya ingredients!

Hot Process Soap

So I signed up for a hot process soap-making class. I’ve done melt & pour soap before and I’ve also done cold process. So I figured that it would be great to learn a new technique. The instructor was really knowledgeable and broke the process down to easy to follow steps. We used olive oil and coconut oil which provide soothing, gentle lathers and I added chamomile & a splash of tangerine essential oils. It was a great class and I would definitely go back to the Urban Craft Center to learn some other crafty techniques.

Chamomile & Olive Soap

So of course, once I got home I re-created what I learned. I made 12 chunky, soothing bars of Chamomile & Olive soaps and listed them on my Etsy shop! Go have a looksie.



2 responses to “Hot Process Soap

  1. Sounds and looks like so much fun! I was talking with my daughter about her doing something like this during the summer. I’ll definitely look into it.

  2. yum! those look fantastic!

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