Soleo Sunscreen


Happy Memorial Day! I know I’ve been on a natural sunscreen kick lately but here is one more! Soleo Sunscreen has been declared the #1 sunscreen by Skin Deep. Soleo claimed its number 1 spot because of it’s safety and effectiveness without the use of harsh chemicals used in traditional sunscreens. Soleo contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which are recognized  as being the most effective and safe sunscreens due to their stability in formulations, the fact that they repel both types of radiation, and they don’t allow harmful rays to be absorbed – they reflect the suns rays before they can do any damage. Check out the Skin Deep Database to look at the rest of the sunscreens on the list.

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. And remember to take a moment in between the barbeques and beach visits to think about the troops out there who make the ultimate sacrifice every day so that we can live happy and care-free lives. 

And wear your sunscreen!! 😉



One response to “Soleo Sunscreen

  1. I loove the OCM method!
    I discovered it through Divinerae’s youtube channel.
    Mine is 50% castor oil/ 50% olive oil but I don’t use the extra washcloth…too lazy plus I’ll get a bit obsessed about keeping them clean/ germs getting in my face, etc..

    I definitely have to try the others combos 🙂

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