Summer Styling Tips for Curly Hair

I stumbled upon this great post on The Organic Beauty Expert about keeping curly hair moist in the summer time. As a curly-haired bella myself, I thought it would be great to share these tips with you:

Kinky, curly or wavy hair? Summer styling tips from (written by The Organic Beauty Expert)

Summer can wreak havoc on hair, and curly hair is especially vulnerable.  Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types.  Between the sun, heat, humidity, and chlorine, curly hair needs special TLC to stay looking smooth and gorgeous!  Keneesha Hudson, curly hair expert and owner of Urbanbella the curly, kinky, wavy hair salon & apothecary in Atlanta) shares her best summer hair tips to keep hair happy and healthy!

NOTE: I’ve left Kaneesha’s tips whole, but added green product choices for ya!

How to Fight Frizz!

Naturally frizzy hair is best controlled while it is wet.  Frizz can be greatly reduced by applying frizz control gels and mousses right after you have rinsed out any hair conditioner, essentially while your hair is still wet.  You do NOT want to towel dry your hair, as the friction of the towel against your locks just adds to frizz.

For the summer months, you want any frizz control product to be as lightweight as possible. The ingredient you want to look for in a good gel is Polyquaternum, a polymer that makes the strands of hair bond together and give a nice hold.  The result is hair that looks sleeker, and more defined, as opposed to frizzy strands flying all over the place!

Green choice (not organic, but more natural ingredients): Jane Carter Solution Condition & Sculpt

Can Your Hair Handle the Heat?

Everyone’s first reaction when dealing with frizzy summer hair is to whip out the straightening iron.  This leads to heat damage and just makes hair dryer and frizzier.  If you must use heating tools, be sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your locks.  Look for thermal protectant products containing amodimethicone and dimethicone.  These ingredients provide a protective film on the hair cuticle that prevents water loss and keeps the cuticle from cracking and breaking.  Apply these products to hair before heat styling.

Green choiceJohn Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel

Don’t Sweat It!  

Whether you’re hitting the gym, or just window shopping in 90 degree heat, the sweat from your scalp will lead to hair oiliness.  When you don’t have time to take a shower (and remember that over washing will lead to more dryness) the best way to fight oiliness is by using a refreshing spray.  They leave hair feeling and smelling fresh and clean as well as adding volume without requiring a shampoo.

Green choiceErbaviva Relax Room & Body Spray

Limp Locks 

To keep curls bouncy and plump, use products that contain keratin, a natural thickening protein found in hair.  This product can be found in thickening shampoos and volumizing sprays.These products also thicken and lift hair with natural alcohols such as Beetroot Alcohol.

Green choice: Suki Hair Daily Shampoo

Chlorine Damage Detox  

Chlorine sucks up the sebum (your hair’s natural oil and protective barrier) from the hair, leading to dry and cracked hair cuticles.  Before you get in the pool, pre-treat hair with a conditioner that contains oil extracts.  The chlorine will suck up the oils found in the conditioner before it soaks up the natural oils in your hair.  This significantly reduces chlorine damage.  Apply the conditioner or spray liberally, concentrating on the ends of hair.

After you expose your hair to chlorine, wash it with a chlorine specific detoxifying shampoo to remove chlorine.  Because shampoos like these can be slightly harsh, I recommend following up with a soft, gentle moisturizing shampoo that  restores moisture to the hair. Finish off with a great, moisturizing conditioner.

Green choice: Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Lisa’s Hair Elixir

Heat-Free Styling Tips!

Try these tips for air drying:

Use lighter styling aids such as mousse and light gels for faster air drying time.  Gently squeeze excess water out of the hair after applying styling aids to reduce air drying time.  Remember, avoid towel drying!!

Some really cute hair styles can be achieved without having to put a hair dryer, straighter, or curlers to your hair.   The three I mention below give really beautiful beach beauty waves that work with summer humidity and heat instead of fighting it:

–       While hair is still wet, apply your light gel or mousse, and simply wrap hair into a bun on top of your head.  After hair has dried at least 60%, remove bun and you’ll have soft and beautiful waves.

–       Another way to achieve that beach-y look, twirl damp hair around your finger, applying styling gel as you go along.

For the easiest way to get those waves, simply put your wet hair in braids, let dry, unbraid and voila!

Green choiceJohn Masters Organic Shine On

(written by The Organic Beauty Expert)

Do you have curly hair? What are you using to keep it moist especially in the summertime?                                                                                                                                     N-













9 responses to “Summer Styling Tips for Curly Hair

  1. great article!
    I am taking notes 🙂

  2. Sheesh! lol I dont have curly hair naturally so you know I had to pull out my indian hair, and I love it! Check it out on my site Urban Frugal Chic.

  3. I have really curly hair. I tend to keep it longer because the shorter, the curlier. I like to use shea butter shampoo from Organix. I buy it at Walgreens. I really love it. It smells so good!! for styling products I use Chi infusion oil on my hair before i apply any other product. It really helps keep my hair moisturized. Then I use Tresemme Volumizing Mousse (red cap) This is the only mousse that I will use. I keeps my hair looking natural, and not crunchy or wet looking, . It looks like there isn’t any product in my hair, which i like. But my hair is also very calm, not frizzy, and very manageable. I don’t really need volume, but it keeps my hair from laying flat on my head. It also doesn’t leave a film like some mousses and gels do. It also smells soooo good, and for the price (3-4.99) you can’t beat it. I would recommend it to anyone with curly hair….
    I would like to know the best way to relax/straighten it in the summer and for it to stay straight throughout the day…my always curls back up…
    here are some pics of my hair:



    • Thanks for the great recommendations, Calli! It sounds like your curly hair will be in tip top shape this summer. 🙂


    • Hey Calli,

      Just like you I use TREsemme mousse. Except I tried using the volumizing (pink cap now I guess) one but I didn’t like it. I use the one made for curlies like us. And like you, I like to keep my hair long instead of short. I don’t know, I think that long hair looks better specially when you have those cute curls. 🙂

  4. I have curly hair and I always use a leave-in treatment to keep it moist. Also like you suggested I use a thermal protectant especially because I’m always using the diffuser.

    By the way, I really like the hair styling tips that don’t require you to always be using the blow dryer. I think I just might try it.

  5. For my curly hair, I alternate between two different products: I.K.O.N and Alterna Life Curls. Alterna is probably my favorite out of the two because even when I sue my diffuser to blow dry my hair, Alterna doesn’t leave any frizz.

  6. Nice information on this site. I like it You should visit my site if you have time.

  7. Ohhhh, I too love the Jane Carter Solution Condition & Sculpt!!! I use it along with Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner.

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