Every Man Jack

I know I usually focus on women’s beauty products but men need a little pampering too – especially with Father’s Day just around the corner (June 21st). So this week we’ll be paying extra special attention to the men in our lives so we could make them just that much sexier.

Every Man Jack has an impressive line of products made from high-quality formulas and natural ingredients that are not only affordable (the line’s available at Target) but will also keep your man feeling like a man. The line ranges from soap bars & body washes to shaving kits & hair  products. Also the packaging is fantastic! It has a really great masculine appeal and is very clean and simple. Here are some of my fave products from Every Man Jack:

Tallow Free Body Bars – Vitamin-enriched body bars will cleanse, soothe and condition your skin while protecting against dryness. They’re made from 100% vegetable base with mineral extracts and contain no parabens, oils or tallow so even our hunky Vegan men can appreciate them! Available in Signature scent, Tea Tree and Cedarwood


Citrus Body Scrub – This exfoliating body bar and body wash will gently scrub your man’s skin leaving him feeling clean and smooth. The fresh citrus scent will invigorate the senses and the wheat bran will help scrub dead skin away. Sounds yummy!


Shave Gel & Shave Cream – The rich gel formula comforts and protects the face for a close shave. The soothing formula hydrates and heals the skin leaving it looking fresh and healthy. Contains menthyl which lubricates skin to reduce shave friction, marine extracts to soothe and moisturize and aloe & Vitamin E to heal and protect. Available both in the signature scent as well as fragrance free.


Every Man Jack KitsCan’t decide what to get your man from Every Man Jack? Well then just get one of their kits which offers a sample of all they have to offer. Choose from the Shave Kits, Body Kits, Starter Kits (pictured above) and Skin Kits. They also make Travel Sized Kits. They’ve thought of everything!

So Mavens, what do you think? What products is your man using now? Do you think he’d enjoy Every Man Jack? I’m definitely going to be buying this for the fiance!



6 responses to “Every Man Jack

  1. I would love to think dudeguy would use this if I got it for him, but he’s firmly grounded in Gilette. LOL.

  2. great list!
    I don’t have a man….but you’re so right..men also need some pampering 🙂
    I think my twin brother likes it when I send him packages

  3. @Alicia Lol I know, I think I will try to secretly slip this into the fiance’s routine.

    @Amina That’s nice of you to send your brother packages. I really like the look of the soap. Very interesting!


  4. These prods look really nice! Definitely wouldn’t mind having these on the shelf in my bathroom!

  5. I do some work with Every Man Jack. I wanted to thank you for writing about the brand and am happy you like the products. If you have a boyfriend/husband, or want to nominate any other guy friends, we’re holding our first model search and are looking for an every day guy to star in our first national ad campaign in Men’s Health. You can check it out at http://www.EveryManJack.com/wanted.

  6. It is an awesome line of products and I am up as a finalist. Please vote at http://www.everymanjack.com/wanted. I am Stephen F. You can see a similar story about it at http://www.bonobos.com/blog

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