Lush’s Aromarant Deodorant

Recently I’ve been reading all kinds of terrible things about the ingredients in deodorants/anti-perspirants. I’m not entirely convinced that my deodorant will give me cancer but I figure that the least amount of chemicals I put in/on my body the better. So I’ve set out on a little journey to find a good natural deodorant.

First up,  Lush’s Aromarant Deodorant. This Vegan deodorant bar is made with lemon tea and herbs to deliver fresh,  astringent cooling to sweaty pits (or feet). It’s also full of Bicarbonate Soda to help absorb ordors and neutralize the microbes that live on our skin and react with our sweat. It’s scented with Sandalwood oil to leave you smelling good. I was pretty nervous about saying goodbye to my old stand-by – Dove – but happy that I gave Aromarant a shot.  It smells fresh and left my armpits feeling cool. I first tried it out while vacationing in Chicago and it kept me smelling fresh for the whole day. However, it is not an anti-perspirant so if you’re a super Sweaty Betty, this may not be for you! Also, it comes in a huge block that sometimes dries out so the first couple of swipes can be a little harsh when applying it. Lastly, it’s not as powerful as my old Dove deodorant when I’m in super sweat mode like during workouts. Lush has about 3 other natural deodorants in different strengths so that you can find the perfect one for yourself. All in all, I like it. It works pretty well for me and I haven’t gotten any complaints of me stinking up the joint. But I think I will keep looking. I like a smoother application when it comes to deodorant.

So I will continue on my quest for the perfect natural deodorant. I will keep you all up to date on what I find! And if there are any that you’d recommend or that you’d like me to try, drop me a line and let me know.

What do you think? Are you switching to natural deodorant or are you happy with your regular one? What do you use to stay smelling like roses?



9 responses to “Lush’s Aromarant Deodorant

  1. I’m cool with Secret for now, but the issue does concern me. I’ve heard of this stuff called English Leather that is supposed to be really good, but I don’t know what it’s made of.

  2. I’ve been using natural deos for a while…
    I love Zaja and Spa therapy and I like them…
    on hot days, I still have a wetness issue but I just add some baby powder from KBB…
    so far so good…

  3. Didn’t even realise that Lush were doing a natural deodorant bar! Sounds good though!
    Fresh Deli 🙂

  4. Hello
    I am currently searching for the best natural deodorant. I used the aromacream from lush and it did combat the sweat but boy oh boy did it make my armpits itch. I had to give it up but it was a very creamy formula so maybe you will like that one instead. You may want to get a small piece first because if you read the reviews on the lush site other people got rashes. However some people reported no problems so it may work out well for you.

    • @Product Junkie Diva – thanks, I will have to check that one out. I will do a small test though since my skin is so sensitive.

      @Amina – Spa Therapy is my next review. I’ll have to check out Zaja as well.

  5. oh I saw those too yesterday when I was at the Lush store…I’m thinking of buying one too as soon as my Secret deodorant runs out. I have the pear scented one from Secret and it smells good but I’d would like to try the Lush one out of curiousity.

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  7. I have been using Aromarant from LUSH for about 2 weeks now. So far so good. No complaints. It holds me up and I smell fresh all day. Mind you, it is the winter. So, we will see how it does in the Summer. I was told that Lush also has a dusting power that absorbs the sweat.

  8. I tried the Lush deodorant and was pretty disappointed. As you mentioned, if you tend to sweat more than the average person – like I do thanks to my under-active thyroid- it doesn’t work so well. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable.

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