Who Are We?

You know those people who always seem to know what’s hot? Whether it’s best makeup for the summer, which spa gives you the best bang for your buck or even which starlet is at the forefront of the fashion world right now.


Well, that’s who we are!


My sister and I are two girls who always seem to find ourselves at the cutting edge of the beauty world. We live, breathe and dream beauty. You might even call us Beauty Mavens. And since we were always taught that sharing is caring, we’ve created this whole blog to share all of our knowledge with you.


We know we’re not the only ones. We’ve seen our fellow Beauty Mavens scouring the Nordstrom’s beauty department for the perfect eyeshadow, perusing through Allure & Glamour for the hot new looks, or testing out the newest, most luxurious treatments before anyone else knows about them. Let us know who you are! Feel free to agree, disagree or put your spin on whatever we write. Hopefully together we can all make the world a more beautiful, glossy place.



Nailah & Yvette


8 responses to “Who Are We?

  1. good show, keep the sweet scents rolling

  2. Loove your blog 🙂
    Keep up the great job ladies 🙂
    My twin brother’s goddaughter is name Nailah 🙂
    one of my friend is named Yvette…pretty names 🙂

  3. Thanks Amina!

  4. I love your blog gals! It looks so professional, I’m green with envy because I am technologically challenged and my beauty blog appears bland in comparison. Of course our focuses are a little different – I’m all about the witty and racey verbiage and frank talk about life, love, dating and men as well as beauty products galore. I try to aim for something like Sex and the City but with cosmetics/skincare instead of fashion. But I hope you like me as much as I enjoy you….check it out!


  5. Thanks for the compliment Kate! We’ll definitely check out your blog. I can never read too many beauty blogs!


  6. very impress with your hard work and determination
    Keep the good scents rolling

  7. I just LOVE your blog! I will stay tuned – I am so happy that Twitter turned out to be good for something…

  8. Willimaye Payton

    Keep up the good work. Time well spend.

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