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Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths


Ok so I told you that I think this is my new favorite brand! Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths are a brilliant, 3-in-1 quick cleansing solution that removes all traces of makeup, daily grime & buildup. Inspired by a sustainable clothing designer, not only is bamboo cashmere soft to touch making it perfect for sensitive skins & eye makeup removal, it is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, requiring no pesticides to grow.

Formulated to bring convenience to our lives with essentially three products in one cloth, these are great for eye makeup removal, facial cleansing & toning. Infused with 8 pure citrus essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower seed oil, oat amino acids, and fatty alcohol that won’t dry skin. Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, non-irritated, no sticky residue & no need to rinse with water.

Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, Kaia Facial Cleansing Cloths are natural, non-harmful, unbleached, biodegradable and recyclable. The container snaps shut to keep the cloths fresh & ready for use, anywhere & anytime you need them. 

These are great. They get the job done AND they’re good for the environment – a double whammy!



Dior Nude Natural Glow Makeup Review…Kinda

So I wanted to give Dior’s new Natural Glow Makeup a try and was disappointed to find that they don’t make it in a dark enough shade for my skin tone. I’m not even that dark! I’m pretty saddened to see that Dior left out a whole segment of the population. Very unfortunate.

So no review for me. Boo.

UPDATE – My sister (who is far more beauty savvy than I) informed me that there might indeed be a dark enough shade for me. Maybe my local Nordstrom’s just didn’t carry it? I’ll keep looking and keep you posted. 


Nars Spring 2009 Collection: Hearts of Desires


 I really like NARS’ Heart of Desire Spring 2009 Collection. It’s bright and fresh and perfect for the Spring. And most importantly, it’s different unlike some of the other Spring ’09 Collection (ahem, that means you Chanel and Dior). 

Eyeshadow Duos:

  • Egea (Cool gold/cool lavender)
  • Hula Hula (Pale pink/light gold)

Eyeshadow Singles:

  • Baby Girl (Light pink)

  • Grenadines (Raspberry)


  • Night Sun (Bright gold-yellow)

Blush Duo:

  • Hungry Heart (Pale gold/pale peach)


  • Sweet Revenge


  • Shrinagar

Multiple Duo:

  • Orgasm/South Beach


  • Cap Vert

Duo Concealers:

  • Custard/Ginger
  • Praline/Toffee
  • Vanilla/Honey

So what do you think? Do you agree that this collection is fresh and different? Or is it just the same old?


Barbie Loves Stila



Stila has launched their Barbie Loves Stila Collection exclusively at Sephora. Ok, so I am totally torn on how I feel about this launch. Anyone who knows me knows that I looove Barbie, however, didn’t MAC already do this last year?? Where’s the originality Stila? The one thing that I do appreciate about this line is the thought that went into creating each palette – I enjoy the Barbie history lesson. Don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy them though. The MAC Barbie Collection looked like it was higher quality. Check out the WWD press release below as well as pictures of the different palettes.

Looks like Barbie (Mattel) and Stila will be partnering this spring. Stila will also sponsor Mattel’s Barbie runway during NYFW during February 2009. 50 designers have agreed to show Barbie-inspired fashion during the runway show. Charlotte Tilbury, makeup atist, is the show’s lead makeup artist. The limited edition line is slated to launch exclusively at Sephora in February, only at Sephora’s Fifth Avenue store in NY, international Sephora locations, and sephora.com. Expect a larger offering of Barbie-Stila branded products later, during fall 2009.

The collection includes 4 “Decades of Beauty” cans ($40 each) with a booklet inside describing the beauty and fashion wardrobes for each doll. The first, #1 Ponytail Doll, celebrates the first Barbie, launched in 1959. It includes a red lipstick called Ponytail, a liquid eyeliner and a three-pan paper-wrapped compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. Malibu Barbie, which highlights the doll of the same name that launched in 1971, has a pale pink Lip Glaze called Malibu, a black mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a bronzer. Foxy Doll, which depicts the African-American Barbie launched in 1980, includes a Lip Glaze called Foxy, mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. The final offering, Jewel Doll, is based on the 2000 Barbie of the same name and includes a bright pink Lip Glaze called Jewel, a Multi-Effect Mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color.

Source: WWD



Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette:
Palette features four pretty in pink (and purple) wet/dry eyeshadows that create the classic Barbie eye look. The best part? It’s foolproof! It literally talks you through every step of easy application and there’s even an insert card with instructions on step-by-step makeup application, as well as information on Barbie through the decades. Palette includes shadows in cool pink shimmer (base), bright lilac with gold sparkle (lid), deep pink (crease), and dark purple with blue sparkle (liner).


Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can 1959 #1 Ponytail Doll:

  • 3 Pan Palette with a deep blue eyeshadow with white shimmer,a matte black eyeshadow, and a luminous coral cheek color
  • Lip Color in Ponytail 
  • Liquid Eye Liner in Black


Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can 1971 Malibu Doll ($40.00)

  • 3 Pan Palette with a soft shimmering pale pink eyeshadow, a sky blue eyeshadow with white shimmer, and a golden bronze bronzer
  • Lip Glaze in Malibu 
  • Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara in Black


Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can 1980 Foxy Doll 

  • Sky blue eyeshadow with white shimmer 
  • Soft pale pink eye shadow with pink and white shimmer
  • Golden bronze bronzer with gold shimmer
  • Lip Glaze Malibu 
  • Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara Black


Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can 2000 Jewel Doll 

  • 3 Pan Palette with a tan eyeshadow with pink shimmer, a brown eyeshadow with gold and brown shimmer, and a shimmering pink cheek color
  • Lip Glaze in Jewel 
  • Multi-effect Mascara in Black


What do you think? Do you love it? Did you like it better when MAC did it? Or are you just completely over the 8-yr old girl inspired makeup? (First Hello Kitty, then Smurfette, now Barbie)


MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Collection


MAC has unveiled three perfectly personalized palettes each formulated to be coiffure-complementary. Designed to play-up the most potent and powerful accessory a girl has: her hair. The complete opposite of contrivance – this is simplicity itself. So basic it’s brilliant!


Marquise D’ Sandy – cream peach
Blow Dry – pink coral 

Live and Dye – cool pink
Red Devil – coral orange

Flip – bronze gold
French Cuff – burgundy purple
100 Strokes – ice pink

Teddy – dark-eyed bronze

Girl Boy – fawned-over blondette

Redhead – gold to salmon pink degrade 

165 Tapered cheek/highlight
214 Short Shader
226 Small Tapered Blending




B-Babe – rich pink
All’s Fair – light purple pink

Strawberry Blonde – deep pink red
Peroxide – white pink
Pincurl – dusty white
Knight – dark grey
Top Knot – deep black purple

Phone Number – smudgy charcoal

Clear – color-free

Blonde – soft pink to rose degrade


Chignon – red plum
What a Do! – neutral pink coral

Quick Tease – red purple
Soft Wave – tan bronze

Deep Shade – dusty blue
Henna – Dark Gold
Femme Fi – frosty golden cream

Smolder – intense black

Show Off – full-bodied brown

Brunette – soft coral to copper bronze degrade

I think this is a pretty good idea. I’m surprised no one has thought of it sooner. What do you think?


Lancome Spring Collection 2009: Pink Irreverence


If you love pink then Lancome is where it’s at for you this Spring. Instead of unveiling your typical spring collections with pastel pinks and soft corals, Lancome went super bold with their Pink Irreverence Collection. The spring 2009 collection features bold pinks,  fuchsias and black and is perfect for those of us left uninspired by Chanel’s Bohemian Fantasy and Dior’s Lady Dior. Pink Irreverence is the first spring collection by new artistic director for makeup, Aaron de May, and features Elletra Rossellini (daughter of long-time Lancôme model, Issabella Rossellini) as the face of spring. 

Color Design - Eyeshadow

Pink Punk & Black Palette: The Irreverent Madame – One of two limited edition Color Design Quads, Irreverent Madame features a shimmery, smoky black, a blue-toned fuchsia, a powdery pink and a pale pink.  The second palette, Mademoiselle Sass, offers a quad of warmer neutral brown shades. I’m a big fan of this pink and black palette – I love the bold fuchsia pink paired with the black shadow.

La Laque Fever - Lipcolor

La Laque Fever – A brand new lip formula that promises to last up to six hours, La Laque Fever comes in several bold shades including Electric PinkPink Dimension, Furious in Fuchsia, and Pink My Ride. I’ve seen several comparisons to MAC glosses and I would honestly have to go with Lancome. The colors are incredibly vibrant. 

Color Fever Gloss - Gloss

Color Fever Gloss in Piha Black –  First introduced last fall in a limited edition set during the vamp trend, Piha Black sold out almost immediately. Looks great layered over red or pink lip color.


Le Vernis - Nails

Le Vernis in Piha Black – There’s no rosey nail colors in this collection. The limited edition Phia Black nail color allows you to complete the whole modern punk look with a swipe of black polish.

What do you think? Will you be rocking Lancome’s Pink Irreverence this spring?


Lipstick Queen

I recently discovered Lipstick Queen, a sassy line of lipcolor that suits everyone’s needs. I’m particularly in love with their “Saint” collection, which is a line of super sheer lipsticks with just enough color and loads of moisture. They are the perfect everyday lipsticks. The colors range from Saint Nude – a pink nude- to Saint Berry- a deep blackberry. 

And don’t you worry my heavy lipstick wearing Mavens, Lipstick Queen has a line of full color lipsticks as well in their “Sinner Collection.” A decadent line of rich, opaque lipcolors with a matte yet silky finish. The colors promise to be “all pigment, no shimmer or frosting.” Again, the colors range from pretty pinks to deep reds so there is something there for everyone. 

The owner of the company, Poppy, has a pretty interesting story. She started her first lipstick company fresh out of high school at the age of 18. She wasn’t a chemist or a makeup artist, just a lipstick connaiseur who craved the rich, opulaent lipcolors of the 1940’s. I love a good start-up story! Check it out and let me know what you think.