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Lush’s Aromarant Deodorant

Recently I’ve been reading all kinds of terrible things about the ingredients in deodorants/anti-perspirants. I’m not entirely convinced that my deodorant will give me cancer but I figure that the least amount of chemicals I put in/on my body the better. So I’ve set out on a little journey to find a good natural deodorant.

First up,  Lush’s Aromarant Deodorant. This Vegan deodorant bar is made with lemon tea and herbs to deliver fresh,  astringent cooling to sweaty pits (or feet). It’s also full of Bicarbonate Soda to help absorb ordors and neutralize the microbes that live on our skin and react with our sweat. It’s scented with Sandalwood oil to leave you smelling good. I was pretty nervous about saying goodbye to my old stand-by – Dove – but happy that I gave Aromarant a shot.  It smells fresh and left my armpits feeling cool. I first tried it out while vacationing in Chicago and it kept me smelling fresh for the whole day. However, it is not an anti-perspirant so if you’re a super Sweaty Betty, this may not be for you! Also, it comes in a huge block that sometimes dries out so the first couple of swipes can be a little harsh when applying it. Lastly, it’s not as powerful as my old Dove deodorant when I’m in super sweat mode like during workouts. Lush has about 3 other natural deodorants in different strengths so that you can find the perfect one for yourself. All in all, I like it. It works pretty well for me and I haven’t gotten any complaints of me stinking up the joint. But I think I will keep looking. I like a smoother application when it comes to deodorant.

So I will continue on my quest for the perfect natural deodorant. I will keep you all up to date on what I find! And if there are any that you’d recommend or that you’d like me to try, drop me a line and let me know.

What do you think? Are you switching to natural deodorant or are you happy with your regular one? What do you use to stay smelling like roses?



Oil Cleansing Method

I recently received an excellent question about the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM):

I was wondering if you have tried the oil cleansing method for your skin?  I saw some videos on youtube about it but because my skin is prone to breakouts I am a little afraid to try it.


Yes. You can absolutely use the Oil Cleansing Method on acne prone skin. I found a lot of great info about OCM at Prissy Green. The common misconception is that oil causes acne. Oil alone does not cause acne – other factors like age, hormones and prolonged clogging of the pores of trapped bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt are the actual contributors to acne. The natural oils your skin produce are there to protect and heal your skin. Most oils are actually good for your skin.

Most people use castor oil or extra virgin olive oil as a base for their oil solution. Castor oil is great at drawing out the dirt and bacteria trapped in your pores, while healing your skin. Extra virgin olive oil is great for normal and dry skin types but not ideal for oily/acne prone skin types because it is a heavier oil. Other effective oils to use are Grapeseed Oil – which is light and known for its astringent properties,  Jojoba oil – a great moisturizer, Avocado oil, Apricot oil, Hazelnut oil, and Evening Primrose oil – which are all known for their non-comedic properties.

Of course you would need to experiment and find which blends work best for you. Here’s some sample ratios to start out with:

Normal Skin – 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 50% Castor Oil

Dry Skin – 75% Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 25% Castor Oil

Oily/Acne Prone Skin – 60% Castor Oil,  20% Jojoba Oil & 20% Grapeseed Oil

Sensitive Skin – 60% Castor Oil, 20% Jojoba Oil &  20% Apricot Kernal Oil

  • Now that you have your oil blend together, here’s what you do:


  1. Gently massage your oil blend onto your face. Massage for about a minute if you have a clean face and for 30 seconds if you are wearing makeup.
  2. Take a warm washcloth and drape it over your face. The steam will open up your pores and allow the oils to draw out the dirt and bacteria.
  3. Wipe the oils off with the washcloth, massage some oil into your skin again and repeat. You can repeat this step as many times as you like.
  4. When you’ve finished steaming gently start wiping the oil away. 
  5. Once you’ve wiped all of the excess oil from your face, rinse with cool water and pat dry.


You can find these oils at Whole Foods or any natural food store or you can buy them in bulk online at From Nature With Love. Here are two links to more great information about the Oil Cleansing Method:



So what do you think? Have you tried this method before? Is it something you think you may try in the future?


Zoya Nail Polish

I love getting packages in the mail. So I was uber excited when a pretty little package came for me earlier this week. I just knew it was my Zoya nail polishes (eeek!). Zoya collection is not about what’s in the products but rather what is not. The average nail polish is basically nothing more than a refined version of automobile paint. Zoya makes over 300 gorgous, long-lasting nail polishes that are free of toulene, formaldehyde, phthalates and camphor. It’s the best brand that I’ve found that combines rich, trendy colors with a chemical-free formula. 


I ordered the La-Di-Da Sampler from their Summer 2009 Collection.  I’m not sure why they call it a ‘sampler’ because it comes with 6 full sized bottle of nail polish. The sampler set comes with 6 summer colors: America (red), Dita (fushcia), Renee (hot pink), Ali (bumblegum pink), Paz (neon yellow) and Pippa (yellow). Now I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m definitely a pink girl when it comes to nail polish but there was something about the yellow that made me instantly reach for it.  And I’m glad I did.

It’s ridiculously vibrant! It makes me exceedingly happy.

Everytime I get a glimpse of my toes it makes me smile. I’m excited to try out the other colors as well.  So Zoya is a definite must buy in my opinion. It’s less harsh than the usual nail polish and it comes in fantastic colors that make you instantly happy. What more could you ask for, right?

What color are you wearing right now? What’s your summer color?


Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths


Ok so I told you that I think this is my new favorite brand! Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths are a brilliant, 3-in-1 quick cleansing solution that removes all traces of makeup, daily grime & buildup. Inspired by a sustainable clothing designer, not only is bamboo cashmere soft to touch making it perfect for sensitive skins & eye makeup removal, it is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, requiring no pesticides to grow.

Formulated to bring convenience to our lives with essentially three products in one cloth, these are great for eye makeup removal, facial cleansing & toning. Infused with 8 pure citrus essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower seed oil, oat amino acids, and fatty alcohol that won’t dry skin. Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, non-irritated, no sticky residue & no need to rinse with water.

Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, Kaia Facial Cleansing Cloths are natural, non-harmful, unbleached, biodegradable and recyclable. The container snaps shut to keep the cloths fresh & ready for use, anywhere & anytime you need them. 

These are great. They get the job done AND they’re good for the environment – a double whammy!


Kahina – Giving Beauty



Kahina – Giving Beauty is a new organic skin care line with a huge heart! Read the press release below to learn more about this organic, luxe line based on Argan Oil and how it gives back to Berber women in argan co-ops.

“These women can’t even write their own names, yet they produce the most amazing product.  It occurred to me that I could help them while creating a skin care line that really works and that women can feel good about buying.”- Katharine L’Heureux, founder, Kahina – Giving Beauty

Beginning with the Berber women of the argan cooperatives who provide the argan oil for Kahina, the company will donate 10% of the profits of all Giving Beauty products to the women who source the raw materials that form the base of its goods. As her first initiative, based on the wishes of the Berber women of the argan cooperatives, Katharine intends to build a preschool in the nearby village with the money raised through Kahina.

The Packaging Inspiration
As Katharine discovered on one of her visits to the cooperatives, most women of the cooperatives can’t even sign their own names.  She found their efforts to write their names both beautiful and inspiring and decided to incorporate their signatures and marks into Kahina – Giving Beauty’s packaging design.  Katharine chose to pay additional homage to the Berber women by naming her skin care line after the Jewish Berber queen and prophetess Kahina, who reigned circa 700 AD and successfully resisted the first Arab invaders.  Kahina is a heroine to the Berber women and represents empowerment and vision for women worldwide.

Kahina – Giving Beauty’s product line includes:

Kahina Facial Cleanser: Organic argan oil, organic willow bark extract, organic honey and organic papaya extract combine in this gentle cleanser to cleanse away impurities and eliminate bacteria without stripping skin of its natural oils. SRP $51.00 for 200 ml

Kahina Serum: Extremely rich in fatty acids and beta-carotene, this restorative serum utilizes the recuperative properties of organic argan oil, boosted by organic sea buckthorn seed oil and organic coffee oil to heal and rejuvenate skin. Kahina Serum may be used after cleansing, either alone or beneath Kahina Facial Lotion, depending on the skin’s level of dryness.  SRP $65.00 for 50ml

Kahina Facial Lotion: This light, unscented moisturizer combines high concentrations of 100% organic argan oil with other naturally beneficial ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate and organic shea butter, for a truly effective facial moisturizer for all skin types.  SRP $59.00 for 50ml

Kahina Argan Oil: 100% pure argan oil – the ultimate beauty secret and the very heart of Kahina – Giving Beauty.  Light and non-greasy, pure argan oil absorbs easily to give skin a radiant glow.  This multipurpose wonder may be used to replenish moisture loss on face, hair and body. Kahina Argan Oil treats acne and other skin conditions naturally.  SRP $79.00 for 100ml

Self described skin care junkie Katharine L’Heureux began her search for the perfect skin care regime at the age of 12 while rummaging through her mother’s cluttered bathroom cabinet in San Francisco. Her search ended over 30 years later on a journey to Morocco which has led to the creation of Kahina – Giving Beauty, her new organic skin care line  intended for women like her who are looking for a simple organic skin care program that works and that women can feel good about buying. Kahina, which is based on 100% organic argan oil sourced from the women’s cooperatives of Morocco, is the first line of products to be released under the Giving Beauty label.  Giving Beauty will source key ingredients from women’s cooperatives around the world and donate a portion of the profits to the women who work to provide the raw materials for Giving Beauty products.

The Purest Skincare for Naturally Beautiful Skin
Argan oil, naturally rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, is known for its rejuvenating and anti-bacterial attributes. Women of Morocco have used it for generations to combat the dry desert air and reduce the signs of aging.  Kahina – Giving Beauty has taken the natural goodness of Moroccan argan oil and made it even better by formulating it into a luxurious line of organic products that leave skin radiant and contains no harmful ingredients.

All Kahina – Giving Beauty products contain high concentrations of 100% organic argan oil combined with other beneficial organic and natural ingredients for a luxurious and highly effective regimen. They are formulated according to EU organic standards that guarantee the highest measure of responsibility toward consumers and the environment. All products are 99% natural and use organic botanicals whenever possible. Kahina – Giving Beauty never uses parabens, synthetics, sulfates, petroleum, GMOs, animal byproducts, artificial colors or fragrances.

Giving Beauty Skin Care Brightens Future For Women Worldwide
In Morocco, home of the argan tree, law dictates that the Berber women who live in the argan region are the only ones allowed to extract the oil from the nuts of the tree.   For most of these women, this work is their only road to financial and social independence.   Cooperatives have been established with the support of the Moroccan government to help these women, most of whom are illiterate. These cooperatives, like the ones where Kahina – Giving Beauty sources its argan oil, provide fair compensation and resources for the women who harvest the oil, including literacy and women’s rights programs.

Environmental Commitment
Kahina – Giving Beauty’s commitment extends to the environment as well. By contributing to the thriving argan industry, the local Moroccan population is given a reason to preserve the argan forests, which have been reduced by half in the past 10 years mostly because of impoverished shepherds and farmers who cut down the trees for firewood.

All Kahina – Giving Beauty products are formulated with organic ingredients whenever possible and manufactured in an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral facility. Kahina – Giving Beauty’s outer packaging is created from 100% post-consumer waste and made in a wind-powered facility, and its bottles are made from recyclable violet glass. Kahina – Giving Beauty offers a 15% discount on product refills to clients who return their bottles to be reused.

Kahina – Giving Beauty will be launching online at kahina-givingbeauty.com, as well as in fine boutiques 

I haven’t tried these products out yet but they sound fabulous! And what an interesting story!


Kaia House Speak Freely For Humanity Lip Balm



I love a good lip balm. And I’m big on giving back. So Kaia House’s Speak Freely for Humanity Lip Balm is the new love of my life. Kaia House will donate a dollar from each purchase to humanitarian organizations. The Speak Freely balm is flavored with organic vanilla and made with 87% organic ingredients. It glides on smooth and soft PLUS it has SPF 15 (y’all know how I feel about sunblock.) This balm is perfect for smoothing out dry lips or can be used under lip color. I love it.

Have you tried it yet? Have you tried any other Kaia House products? I think they’re my new favorite brand! What do you think?


New Shea Butter Soaps!


I’ve made some new soaps! I’ve been experiementing with different oils and butters in an effort to make the most moisturizing soaps and am quite pleased with my new Shea Butter Soaps. They’re made with Pure Shea Butter, vegetable glycerin, avocado oil, coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, jojoba oil (my fave), safflower oil, castor oil and vitamin E.

I’ve scented them with Mango Tea, Jasmine Neroli, Basil Nectarine, Bergamot Lemon, Lavender Rosemary, Rice Flower & Shea, and Pure Shea (unscented). My personal favorites are Mango Tea (that’s no surprise, I looove anything mango) and Rice Flower & Shea (which has such a sweet, delicate scent).

Right now I’m making them in a button mold so they’re about 3 oz each and would make phenomenal decorative soaps. They’re priced at $3.00 or $2.50 each if you buy more than 1. I think they’re just as cute as can be but I’m probably just a wee but biased! What do you think about them?

Check them out at my Etsy store and let me know what you think!