Spa Therapy Vegan Deodorant in Summertime



Earlier this summer I embarked on a journey to find the perfect natural deodorant. I tried Lush’s Aromarant first, which was ok but I stilled felt I could do better.

Enter Spa Therapy’s Vegan Deodorant in Summertime!

I’ve  been wearing this deodorant for a week and I love it. The scent is fresh with slight floral hints. Not too over powering but definitely strong enough to hide any sweaty pit odor. It doesn’t interfere with the sweating process but rather neutralizes odor causing bacteria. One of my issues with Lush’s deodorant was its rough application. Spa Therapy’s deodorant  goes on silky smooth and clear so you don’t have to worry about those unsightly white marks on dark clothing (don’t you hate those?!)

The deodorant is also vegan. Here’s a list of ingredients from Spa Therapy’s Etsy shop:

Propylene Glycol: A humectant and fragrance carrier
Purified Water
Sodium Stearate: A stearic acid salt used as a nontoxic stabilizer.
Vegetable Protein: Neutralizes odor causing enzymes. Protects against chapping and irritation
Hydrogenated Castor Oil: An emollient and carrier oil
Isosteareth-2: A fatty-acid that works as an emulsifying agent
Salicylic Acid: antiseptic agent derived from the willow tree. Prevents pores from clogging up
Steareth-100: An emulsifier, to help keep t ingredients mixed.
Chamomile Flower Extract: An anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic and soothing herb
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: A healing emollient with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
Grapefruit Seed Extract: An antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Used as preservative
Diazolidinyl Urea & Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate: Preservatives with broad fungicidal activity – non paraben preservative
EDTA: An amino acid that improves product stability
Free of aluminum or bactericides.

I am very pleased with Spa Therapy’s Vegan Deodorant. I’m loving the Summertime scent but there are plenty of scents to choose from. 

I will continue my quest though. I’ll let you know what else I find!



5 responses to “Spa Therapy Vegan Deodorant in Summertime

  1. Im forever looking for the perfect natural deodorant . I’ll have to check this out-thanks.

  2. My friend gave me the Summertime deodorant (I’m currently wearing it, actually), and it’s awesome.

    As soon as I run out I plan to buy more from them. I adore the fact that it’s actually clear!

  3. I loove spa therapy deos!!
    sometimes on hooot days I have to apply a bit more or they’ll give up on me..LOL
    my favorite scents are brown sugar, ice cream and pink cupcake (all very very sweet

  4. I think salt deodorants, if going for natural, are good. I have tried the natural thing (salt) and it works great up until my blood starts boiling for whatever reason. Then I feeling pitty and unfresh. However, I found some fragrant deodorant from the Armani Collection that I picked up while in Israel to be great. Please supply a link to these deodorants in which you suggest.. thanks

  5. The ingredients looks healthy, but I’m wondering if this doesn’t cause dark underarms? I’m using lemon for underarm protection and whitening purposes, and seen a result for using in 2 weeks.

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