High Voltage Makeup

Kat Von D, the high energy, rock’d out owner of High Voltage Tattoo parlour (the tattoo studio featured on TLC’s LA Ink) has just launched her new makeup line. Anyone who has seen Kat knows that she exemplifies old school Hollywood glamour – think pin-up girl meets biker chick. Below are Kat’s tips for getting her signature look.

Kat Von D

“I didn’t discover eyeshadows until recently,” Kat divulged. “I used to use liners and that was it, but now, I couldn’t imagine life without eyeshadows!” First, she picked up the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven and Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set. “I start with a brown Leather shadow to the lids, rounding around the outer corners and beneath the lower lash line. I then dip the brush in black Lucifer and blend the two shades together really well-for about one minute on each eye. Then, I go over the shape with Leather again, to make sure it’s totally smooth.” Kat used the yellow shade in the Beethoven palette to highlight under the brows and in the inside corners of the eyes. To create her signature cat eye, Kat usesKat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in glittery Black Metal Love on the bottom and top lids, flicking out at the corners.

For an extra dramatic, sculpted arch, Kat used the slanted brow brush in Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Setto fill in her brows with black Lucifer shadow from the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven. “Brows are so important to frame your eyes,” says Kat. “The bolder, the better!”

Kat loves red lipstick-so much that each of the four lipsticks in her line are a different shade of crimson. “Nothing makes you feel sexier than the perfect shade of red lipstick,” says Kat. “I rely on each shade for different occasions, but the shade I find myself putting on again and again is Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Underage Red.” A bright, tangy shade of fire engine red, it caps off Kat’s gorgeous look with the perfect dose of flare.

Kat’s line is available at Sephora. Shop the brand here: Kat Von D 

Rock on!



2 responses to “High Voltage Makeup

  1. thank you for highlighting her line. I love the packaging of the palettes..
    one of the eyeshadows palettes is in my wishlist

  2. LOVE her eyes – I can’t believe she didn’t used to use eye shadows! I will have to check out her line.

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